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Updates to the Indymedia Newswire

IMC UK | 16.02.2014 22:44 | Indymedia

The UK Indymedia Collective met this weekend in Wales. Amongst other things, we have agreed some changes to the newswire. The default view will now be the promoted newswire — articles that have been read and promoted by a member of the collective. This will mean that newly published articles won't immediately appear on the front page of the site but can be viewed by clicking through to the open newswire. We hope these changes will encourage people to post content that meets the editorial guidelines.

Indymedia posts on Twitter

Promoted articles and new features will now automatically be sent out as tweets from @ukindymedia.

Read the new guidelines

We are in the process of updating the static pages on the site, with a new version of the Privacy & Security Statement and updated Editorial Guidelines. Please read these documents before posting articles or comments to the site.

Donate to Indymedia

Monthly costs for maintaining the web site are in the region of £100 and existing donations do not at present cover this amount. In the face of attempted full spectrum domination by the corporate state, indymedia is one of the few non-corporate, independent, open places where people can publish their grassroots news to the wider activist community and the world. Please consider showing your solidarity with a one-off or regular donation to support Indymedia.