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Key to Extreme Weather: Climate Disruption

Alex Smith | 16.02.2014 17:01 | Climate Chaos | Ecology

Alex covers extreme weather of the great climate disruption that will rule our lives.
Then author/activist Deborah Frieze on book & movement to "Walk Out, Walk On",
and Dr. Jochen Hinkel on huge cost of rising seas. Radio Ecoshock 140219

Normally on Radio Ecoshock, my expert guests do the talking, while I listen and learn along with you. But this week there are major developments here on Earth that are not coming through to you clearly, or not reported at all.

In addition to UK floods, I cover current heat waves in Australia, California, Brazil/Argentina, Alaska and Siberia.

Later in the program I'll interview the author of a new book about "Walk Out, Walk On". Its a strategy for getting out of an unproductive life, or one damaging the earth, and finding your own path.

I'll also interview Dr. Jochen Hinkel from the Global Climate Forum in Berlin. He's
the lead author of a new paper which tries to calculate the economic damage to the
world from rising seas. It's a game-changer for sure.

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Streams of nonsense from AGW

20.02.2014 20:56

AGW supporters are keen on talking gobbledygook when they say that CO2 is affecting the climate but climate change is necessarily affecting weather. Because presumably climate has no affect on weather - except when there is an extreme weather event.

So, the head of the UK Met jumped on the recent floods to say that it was caused by climate change (sort of). The floods are directly caused by the unusual movement of the jet stream. And what did the last IPCC report (the fount of wisdom for AGW supporters) say about climate change and the movement of the jet stream? Nothing.

So, who's talking crap about the jet stream? The UK Met or the IPCC?