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ClevelandPolice False Arrests leads to more Forensics LIES

neil Scott | 13.02.2014 15:35 | Guantánamo | Public sector cuts | World

23 arrests,one mans life,Lost entitlements,Data Abused,frauds in forensics.

@ClevelandPolice. Corrupt get Paid Pensions CRIME PAYS in. @Middlesbrough. ‪#‎Teeside‬. 10 Arrests of Officers included THREE Top Chief Officers. And they Never looked at this case yet they received it at. @IPCC.
@ClevelandPolice Corruption. 23 false Arrests,All Won at Teeside Crown Courts,except One,they took blood from me at Cleveland police station and said it was found in a Burglary,4 miles away,after loosing 22 cases forensics frauds is apparent

neil Scott
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