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Message to the Anti fascist movement england scotland wales

arnold | 10.02.2014 13:10 | Anti-racism | London | South Coast

Call to arms brighton calling

police informers old boys ect will tell u in comments section not 2 pay atention to this ect ect...make ur own mind up and plees repost this for me on other anti sites anywhere u think about it spread the word///brighton needs all anti fascists to come to brighton to help stop mfe this day in the antifascist calendar matters mor than ever no matter the amount of filth we know will b coining it in..brighton is a solid support base countrywide for the antifascist movement//and u do not surrender one of your strongest support bases even if your enemy is on the backfoot..brighton mfe is more important then the evf piss paddle at parliment dont take your eye of the ball brothers and sisters brighton can hold us brighton supports us brighton needs us all this day//come to the sun come for the food beer and music free art come all unto brighton this day and well push them into the sea///and remember wen in seaside town allways keep your face to the sea and your backs to the town and escape back// ya basta