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This Year's Flu Shots Causing Guillain-Barre and Other Lethal Effects

Truth | 28.01.2014 18:25 | Bio-technology | Culture | Health | London | World

British, US, and other companies making lethal quadrivalent flu shots

1 This season's flu shots are causing Guillain-Barre syndrome.
Flu shots causing Guillain-Barre syndrome*

2 CVS Pharmacies caught lying about their killer vaccines

3 123 of the lawyers filing claims for clients injured or killedby the vaccine are at

A tiny sliver of those who have successfully sued vaccine makers, despite
the Bush administration's attempt with the help of billionaire physician
and onetime senator Frist (profiteer from health insurance) are
listed at


Toxins in vaccines besides the 4 live strains of lethal compounds : Sanofi Pasteur's Fluzone includes the carcinogen formaldehyde, the immunotoxic Octylphenol Ethoxylate and the neurotoxin Thimerosal. For the entire list see
One victim's story
The Centers for Disease Control and Food and Drug Administration in the US continue to be pawns of the international pharmaceutical industry. As the US Army tried to break the grape boycott of the Farmworkers' Union by ordering mass amounts of grapes, so the CDC is perhaps the biggest purchaser of this year's flu shot. The quadrivalent flu shots made by MedImmune, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), and Sanofi Pasteur,
attack the body with 4 different flu strains instead of one, multiplying the risk factor exponentially. The CDC is falsifying the numbers of those who have contracted Guillain-Barre from the flu shot. The disease is one which attacks the immune system, and can kill.
Drug chains aggressively promoting the toxic shots include CVS, Walgreen, and Drug Mart.
By a bill in Congress voted into law in 1986 which was upheld by the Supreme Court in 2011 vaccine law suits go to a special court.
The funds for settlements are paid via a tax on the sales of vaccines.'
The US Government has long been a pawn of Roche, Pfizer, Eli Lilly, Glaxo Smith Kline, Johnson and Johnson
and virtually every other pharmaceutical company and vaccine maker. The FDA has even reapproved thalidomide, the drug
which took arms and legs off of fetuses in 1958 to 1960, a drug which did nothing to captive pregnant dogs in research studies.
The CDC reports that 95% of American children are subjected through government, school, and doctor force to lethal vaccines. This is one of the
highest percentages in the world.
/> The following are available at the above link: to fight mandatory employer required vaccines

"Options to oppose vaccine mandates include:

Medical exemption

Religious exemption

Union opposition

An Acceptance of Responsibility form

Develop a petition signed by hospital workers. Attack the lack of science behind flu shots and the dangers involved.

Circulate the idea in your work place that employers have the right to set minimum standards
such as the maximum number of days missed per year per employee but do not have the right to
dictate the micromanagement of how that standard is to be met."

Search engines are placing the CDC and pharmaceutical promotion sites first. One must dig to find
out the truth.

/> Learn more:
Israel to pay 6 million in compensation to victims of anthrax vaccines
Polio vaccine contaminated with monkey cancer virus
Military mosquito robots collecting DNA and blood
Forcing toxic vaccines on the populace through aerial drone strikes



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Thanks for the heads up

29.01.2014 08:53

I have been having the flu jab for a few years now because I suffer from COPD and contacting flu will for me, be at the least, seriously debilitating and at worst, but not unlikely, lead to pneumonia and possibly prove fatal.

But having read your impressive article I am not going to risk the flu jab again but stick a candle in my ear and rub arnica oil on my chest if I get flu.

Joe Public

Have you nothing better to do?

29.01.2014 17:30

This kind of ranting crazy conspiracy nonsense is why scientists hesitate to get involved with the Left. Influenza vaccines are a key part of national health policies and are offered to those who are at risk. GBS is one of many extraordinary small risks to being vaccinated and the association between the two is seasonally monitored and is discussed by researchers regularly. There would be no point making a 'lethal' vaccine and like the previous comment said the alternative for vulnerable people (asthmatics, COPD sufferers etc) is not a lot else, but the risks of not being vaccinated are huge!