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UK Winter Floods & Australian Heat

Alex Smith | 19.01.2014 21:00 | Climate Chaos | Ecology

Why UK winter floods explained by scientist David Lavers. Extreme heat in Australia: vision of coming world, Cam Walker FOE. Plus author Alan Weisman.

Do you want to know what the future looks like? Try Australia, where bats falls dead out of the sky, and tennis players drop like flies in the heat. Coming right up: a report from the hot front with Cam Walker, Friends of Earth Australia.

Then we're back to sky science. Atmospheric rivers move below the Jet Stream, carrying more water than the Amazon, and dumping it suddenly causing floods below. Expert David Lavers explains his paper "Future Changes in atmospheric rivers and their implications for winter flooding in Britain".

Then it's journalist and author Alan Weisman. His previous book looked at the world without us. Now it's "Countdown, Our Last, Best Hope for a Future on Earth". Are we headed for biological burnout?

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