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Preventing Heart Attacks, Strokes, Arthritis, Alzheimer's, Food Poisoning, Etc

IAC | 15.01.2014 19:48 | Animal Liberation | Education | Health | London | World

How insecticides, hormones, and intrinsic poisons in meat and fish cause disease

1 1 How to eliminate the pain of arthritis? Stop eating meat and fish with their trioxypurine, also called pre-urine or uric acid) which crystallizes in needle formation around the joints jabbing them.
2 How to eliminate Alzheimer's?
Stop eating meat and fish whose
amino acid homocysteine is the prime
3 How to eliminate appendicitis?
Stop eating meat, fish, eggs and dairy
which have no natural bulk, no fiber.
4 How to eliminate heart attacks and strokes?
Stop eating meat, fish and dairy whose
animal fat clogs the cerebral, heart and
all other arteries.
5 How to reduce gall stones? The gall (anger,
terror fright of the animal in slaughter
saturates his flesh... and is a factor in
gall stones.
6 How to prevent dialysis? Stop eating meat
and fish which require excess kidney
action to shear off the protein byproduct
NH3 and eliminate this ammonia through
the bladder. Carnivores have 5 times our
kidney size per pound.
7 How to prevent food poisoning? Stop eating
the cadavers of cows, sheep, pigs, chickens,
fishes etc. Their flesh is full of ecoli or
colon bacteria. These cadavers must be frozen
to prevent billions of bacteria from growing.
8 How to prevent mental illness? Avoid eating
meat and fish from the cadavers of terrorized
animals who secrete massive amounts of adrenalin.
The adrenalin protein enzyme's links are only
partially destroyed in cooking. Eating meat is
eating anger, terror, fear.
9 How to prevent prostate, uterine, cervical, breast and ovarian cancer?
Stop eating the flesh, eggs, and dairy products which come from captive animals
given reproductive hormones to make them grow faster and gain water weight.
The US has the highest rates of prostate and breast cancer per capita in the world.
10 How to prevent stomach cancer? Stop eating ocean fish who concentrate the radiation from illegal nuclear waste dumping and nuclear accidents such as Fukushima, Three Mile Island, and Chernobyl in their flesh at many times the concentration it occurs in water.
11 How to prevent intestinal cancer? The countries with the highest rates of intestinal cancer have the highest rates of meat consumption. Among these are Canada, Australia, the US, cattle slaughtering countries of S America.

12. How to prevent impotence? Eliminate foods containing animal fat(cholesterol) which blocks the penile arteries. These are meat, fish, eggs and dairy products.



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Yeah, right!

16.01.2014 21:24

...and then you can live forever, just like Steve Jobs, Robin Gibb, Linda McCartney, Davy Jones, etc, etc who died of cancer!

Meat Eater

be nice to yourself and other people

17.01.2014 18:52

be nice to yourself and other people. try to live your life as you see fit, and let other people live theirs as they see fit. im sure your state of mind has far more to do with life expectancy than fish.

joe bloggs

Penecillin not genocide!

18.01.2014 15:22

arthritis -virus
Alzheimer's -neuro bacteria
heart attacks and strokes -bacteria
food poisoning -bacteria
mental illness -various, ENT bacteria.
cancer -virus


Please Stop making false scientific claims!

18.01.2014 18:01

Why do vegan/vegetarians trot out the same nonsense pseudo-science in defence of their diet, just accept and be proud of the fact that not eating meat/dairy/eggs etc is an ethical choice and has v.little bearing on your health. There are healthy and sick vegans, and healthy and sick omnivores, but this waffle about meat and fish being inherently bad for you needs to stop. There are many people who thrive on a v.high meat and saturated fat diet eg Paleo, Inuit, Bedouin folks. Get your facts straight and present your ethical/environmental case, or just be quiet.


Refutations - just for the record!

19.01.2014 15:24

Arthritis is a complex affliction which has many factors including genetics, exercise and diet. Please do not misinform people without some evidence for this claim.
I'm amazed u have solved this particular problem which is baffling thousands of researchers, amyloid plaque buildup causing neuron death, recently been described as type 3 diabetes, an incredibly complex disease, if only they knew it was all caused by eating dead things, you'd get urself a Nobel prize if u presented this in a journal, go ahead...
Some evidence for this claim please? Journal articles, peer reviewed papers? No?
4 Dietary cholesterol does not directly contribute to artherosclerosis, and the debate around saturated fats causing heart disease has been raging for decades, in the 1980's/90's it was argued that sat fat is a cause of heart disease, now there is increasing evidence of a complex interaction of bacteria, high sugar diet, high sat fat diet, exercise and genetics causing heart disease. But if u want to denigrate peer reviewed research in favour of hyperbole...
5. This is purely nonsense, the adrenaline and cortisol produced by mammals in times of stress will have zero impact on your body when u consume them, merely broken down.
6 Firstly, we are not carnivores, noone has ever claimed that we are as a species. Secondly, meat and animal protein is one of the easiest things for our bodies to break down. Almost as soon as our blood sugars dip we begin stripping our own muscles for conversion to sugars, there are v.powerful and effective proteases which digest meat. There is ZERO evidence of high protein diets causing kidney damage UNLESS u have an underlying kidney disorder. I invite you to check the literature...
7. Idiots who are unable to cook their food properly is hardly an argument for not eating animal products.
8 Again, a claim with not even an understanding of basic biology let alone any evidence to back up your rantings. The brain has an extremely sophisticated protective barrier to almost all chemicals you consume, the idea that you can eat fear just smacks of ridiculous pseudo-science 'energy' theories.
9 Correlation does not equal causation! That said, most research does point to high red meat consumption as a factor for certain cancers. However, not eating a stupid amount of any food is a sensible idea and doesn't warrant a claim of total abstinence.
10. Do you have any evidence of a causal chain between radiation leaks, food pollution, consumption and a causation of cancer in any population? If so I would agree that radioactive foods should be avoided, but again, not an argument for veganism, more an argument for anti-radioactive foodstuffs.
11. Again, see 9.
12. A final ridiculous point to finish off with. I'm again amazed at how confident you are in your understanding of the mental and physical causes of impotence to highlight animal fats as the sole culprit! Simply trotting out the weak and frankly wrong association between consumption of sat fats and arterial diseases... see 4. You do not absorb dietary cholesterol, you manufacture your own, and the vast and staggeringly difficult interactions between VLDL, LDL, HDL etc which contribute to blood fat levels cannot be summed up in the way you have done!