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Open Day: Meet The Neighbours & Open Mic Acoustic

52B Well Street | 08.01.2014 16:19 | Free Spaces | London

Open Day for 52B Well Street Social Centre this Saturday from 4pm...

From our open meeting yesterday, it was decided to have a 'Meet The Neighbours' afternoon from 4pm with tea & coffee, for people in the local area to get to meet us and see the new space.

Then in the evening from 6pm there will be Open Mic Acoustic. It will be self-managed between the artists playing, so feel free to bring your instrument and come play something.

This is additionally an opportunity for anyone wanting to get involved in organising the social centre to come speak with us, and to check out our new space which includes a freeshop, cinema room, open school, computer lab and more.

52B Well Street
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52B Well Street
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