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Fukushima: Who Profits from a Cover-up?

Henry Shivley | 08.01.2014 02:58 | Culture | Indymedia | Ocean Defence | London | World

Fukushima: Who Profits from a Cover-up?

Fukushima: Who Profits from a Cover-up?
Posted on January 6, 2014 by Henry Shivley

I was part of that generation that as children participated in the nuclear attack drills, hiding under the desk, all through the cold war. Our population was bombarded with information that articulated beyond a doubt that radiation presents a detrimental threat to the human life organism.

Once the $5.5 trillion had been milked from the American population to procure a nuclear arsenal capable of destroying the planet, the emphasis shifted as the interest of the international nuclear industry commanded they must.

All of the sudden, radiation wasn’t so bad. In fact, the thought being projected was that if we allowed these very intelligent and competent people in the industry, and in consideration of their impeccable integrity, nuclear power plants could be built and that which was once demonized to create fear for profit within the industrial war complex was now a godsend that would free us from that nasty old polluting coal, which became the new demon.

The point here is the projected reality in reference to nuclear byproducts has been determined in direct coalition to wealth to be procured.

When the reactor melted down at Chernobyl, the death and carnage caused by the spread of the radiation was studied and documented by interests within the international political arena as showing the carnage caused harm to the Soviet Union, which was portrayed as the enemy, causing the need for further expenditures of wealth to keep them in check.

When examining the catastrophe at the Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant at Fukushima, Japan, and as there has been zero true scientific investigation into the spread of the material and its effect on organic life around the planet, all that is left is speculation. But in our speculating we can apply the lessons of the past in evaluating the present.

Now there are some out there who are saying the consequences of four reactors melting down are a very big problem, while another sect are of the contention that the meltdown is almost a good thing and that if mother’s milk is found to contain small levels of radiation there is really no concern.

These geniuses put forth the hypothesis that the radiation from Fukushima has not spread and that though the Russians had to cement in their failed reactor to stop the spread of radiation, these four at Fukushima are magically containing themselves. They say gamma rays can only travel in a couple of directions, straight into the earth below them or the earth on the horizon.

They say they have about 28 people throughout the United States monitoring the radiation. What they do not tell you is that each one of these 28 monitors spread out over 3,900,000 square miles can only detect one single square inch at a time. In short, radiation of a level sufficient to kill can be ten feet away from this single square inch and the meters will read safe levels.

But wait, they say, if the radiation was coming over in the Jet Stream, it would be evenly dispersed and they would be detecting it in their one inch circumference.

Let’s go out on a limb here and say those gamma rays that radiate can also radiate up from those four failed reactors. The Jet Stream does not always travel in a straight line directly over Fukushima or anywhere else that sport mountains as a part of its topography. You have gusts this way and that way; hence you have air pockets over the plants in varying degrees at varying times.

Now these amateur experts also make the claim that radiated particles of dirt can only get into the Jet Stream via an explosion. This is not only bullshit, it is deliberate bullshit. The wind coming across the land surfaces picks up particles, and as those winds pass over uneven surfaces, creating upward wind currents that can easily take the radiated particles up into the Jet Stream.

Don’t believe me? Just ask any airplane pilot and as sure as there are upward currents, there are downward currents. And as these particles would be in pockets as previously mentioned because of the topography and because of the fact that the Jet Stream does not move in a straight line, pockets of extremely radiated particles, by the laws of physics, can be blotched across the landscape, and unless you were to walk up on them with your one inch circumference reading meter, you would not pick up the reading.

Like I said, 28 square inches over the entire United States, that is their scientific study of the situation, which facilitates their absolute, unfounded, arrogant assertions that they are the absolute authority on the matter. And this is not mentioning the thousands of tons of radiated water still being released from the plant into the Pacific Ocean every day, which through the currents, migratory birds and fish has had two years to filter out into the United States and the rest of the world.

So what is the truth? Is it being covered up that the radiation has spread and poses a threat or is it being covered up that there has been no effect, and if there has been, well it is actually a good thing, because radiation is our friend. The multi-billion dollar grants going to the nuclear industry from the people of the United States for the building of more of these toxic plants has been going forward with little fanfare as reports of more and more leaking plants across the United States surface.

Looks like a money incentive to me. And is it just a coincidence that all of these ‘move along there is nothing to see here’ amateur expert radiation advocates seem to know someone in the industry that they have known for years that supports their position? There are issues here of liabilities from one people to another for negligent activity that have never been seen before, not to mention the billions in new construction. Do you think that just maybe this multi-billion dollar industry might just go out and hire one, two, maybe 28 guys to put up websites in an effort to put out a false narrative, which is not being challenged as the corporate owned press and the scientific community being finance through corporate grants stands mute?

Naw, this couldn’t be. The truth is mother’s mild and radiation are what builds our immune systems as babies and makes us strong, intelligent, and responsible Americans….Now where’s my check?

Henry Shivley


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