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Fracking horrors coming to the UK

Alex Smith | 05.01.2014 18:42 | Climate Chaos | Ecology | Energy Crisis

True stories from Walter Brasch, author of"Fracking Pennsylvania". An update from Friends of Earth UK campaigner Helen Rimmer as government makes new "dash for (fracked) gas". With clips from American biologist/activist Sandra Steingraber. Say goodbye to peaceful English and Scottish countryside and towns.

Begins with alert about Fukushima fear-mongers.

This week we examine the real costs of fracking for gas. Author, professor, and journalist Walter Brasch reports from Pennsylvania. He's the author of "Fracking Pennsylvania, Flirting with Disaster". It's another sad story from the state already raped by oil and coal. Detailed health impacts, and crazy law that prohits doctors from telling patients, other doctors or the public the true causes of illness from fracking. UK and Europeans, listen and learn!

Then UK energy activist Helen Rimmer (Friends of Earth) explains the rabid government push for fracking, and the coming wave of misery for Great Britain. Details of public protests, including dropping giant wind blade outside fracking operation in Manchester. Plus government bribes local councils with 100,000 pounds ($163,000) for each test drilling they approve. Whole country up for grabs - say goodbye to peaceful countryside and towns.

We open and close with fracking wisdom from American biologist and activist Sandra Steingraber, recorded at the Chicago Bioneers meet-up in early November 2013. Sandra captures what fracking really is.

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