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Why Is the Weather So Crazy?

Alex Smith | 18.12.2013 23:15 | Climate Chaos | Ecology

Climate scientist Paul Beckwith explains weather distortion & spurt of Arctic methane. NOAA's Dr. Richard Feely on threat of ocean acidification. Radio Ecoshock 131218

It takes a lot of nerve to talk about global warming just after a blast of Arctic weather in the Northern Hemisphere. But all our furnaces, cars, and factories churn out even more warming gases day in and day out. It's going to catch up to us. Scientists report big changes are already occuring, well ahead of previous predictions.

We're back with one of our go-to guys on the cutting edge. Paul Beckwith has two Masters Degrees and is working on his Doctorate in climate science at the University of Ottawa.

We start with the big methane debate going on among scientists right now. As part of the Arctic Methane Emergency Group, AMEG, Paul is tuned in to alarming developments around the polar sea, which could jolt global climate

But already, we see the slower Jet Stream allowing Arctic cold and storms into the Northern Hemisphere. Beckwith explains the science of how that works.

Then we turn to one of America's top ocean scientists, Dr. Richard Feely from the National Atmospheric and Oceanic Administration. He tells us about a new report on the consensus of world experts about growing ocean acidification. What does that mean for us, and for all the creatures of the sea?

Alex Smith
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