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17 Dec: Chelsea Manning Birthday Vigil

VfPUK | 05.12.2013 09:04 | Anti-militarism | Terror War | London

Chelsea (formerly Bradley) Manning is the US soldier sentenced to 35 years in jail for leaking thousands of documents to Wikileaks exposing US and other governments’ war crimes and corruption. She is 26 years old on Tuesday 17 December. Ever since she was detained and tortured in 2010, international protests have demanded her release. Demonstrate your support for her courageous whistleblowing, and for all who blow the whistle on corruption, dictatorship and dirty government secrets.

St. Martin in the Fields, Trafalgar Square, 3pm - 4.30pm.

Free Her Now!

When - Tuesday 17 December 2013 1500 – 1630 hrs

Where - St Martin in the Fields
Trafalgar Square

Tube - Charing Cross / Leicester Sq

(St Martins request that vigils on the steps are silent)

Thanks to Chelsea we know about

The “collateral murder” video of a US helicopter crew killing Iraqi civilians
The cover-up of rape in Iraq & Afghanistan
The extent of drone strikes
US dirty tricks in Haiti, Venezuela & elsewhere
The corruption of Tunisian dictator Ben Ali that spurred the 2011 revolution
Israel consulting Egypt & the Palestinian Authority before invading Gaza

Join with Veterans For Peace UK and other groups as we vigil for Chelsea.

This Vigil has been called by the Payday Men's Network.

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