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You Have Not Been Told the Truth About Global Warmin

Alex Smith | 03.12.2013 18:58 | Climate Chaos | Ecology

Official figures greatly underestimate global heating. Robert Way explains groundbreaking new paper. The EPA likewise low-balled methane emissions in the U.S. by half. Harvard's Scot Miller on new science. UK photojournalist Robert Leslie on "Stormbelt" - the decline of the southern states.

In the winter, we dare to ask: why did global warming pause? New science shows it didn't. The paper is "Coverage bias in the HadCRUT4 temperature series and its impact on recent temperature trends" by Kevin Cowtan and Robert G. Way.

Sounds technical? Yes, the computational analysis was done by specialist Kevin Cowtan from the UK's University of York. But buried inside is record-breaking science that turns our understanding of heating upside down.

Official records grossly underestimated real heating here on Earth. You'll hear that science unfold in the first interview.

Follow the debate about this paper at here:

What else has been low-balled? The US EPA estimates of dangerous methane emissions in America. Our guest, Harvard's Scot Miller, explains just-released science showing humans are emitting 1 and a half times more than the government told you.

We'll wrap up the show with the climate-related death of another dream: the economy of the southern states. Why is the stormbelt withering? Listen to top-rated UK photographer Robert Leslie on his newest work with a conscience.

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