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British Labour Camps set up by the 1929 Labour Government VIDEO

Harry Nubb | 26.11.2013 14:31 | Workfare | History

Shocking Video of British Labour Camps set up by the 1929 Labour Government


During the last Great Depression over 120,000 unemployed men were given the 'choice' of no dole or a period in a labour camp. The camps were proposed by the Tories but then enthusiastically set up by the 1929 Labour Government.

Conditions in the camps were nothing like as brutal as those in Stalin's or Hitler's camps (or even the concentration camps that the British set up during the Boer War). However, as this shocking film shows, they were brutal enough, and may have got far worse if Britain had faced crises as deep as those of Russia or Germany in the 1930s.

At a time when Ed Miliband's Labour Party are denouncing Tory welfare cuts, it's important to remember that the Labour Party has always been as keen as the Tories to impose work on behalf of the capitalist system.

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