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Disney Corporation Promotes Treekilling

Friend Of Forests | 20.11.2013 16:25 | Animal Liberation | Ecology | Social Struggles | London | World

ABC Disney is involved in propaganda for the treekilling industries.

The History Channel, owned by ABC-Disney*, promoted
forest destruction for an hour on November 19 with a lumber industry commercial disguised as a documentary, despite record forest fires and drought caused by lumber industry deforestation.

The longlasting ad failed to mention all of the dangers
and disadvantages of killing trees for wood and paper.

1. Fire
2. Drought caused by deforestation which removes trees whose evaporation
helps the rain cycle
3. Mudslides
4. Global heating
3. Termites
4. Wood buildings are more vulnerable than stone ones to tornado, hurricane 5. Wood structures need paint.
6. Stone structures can last thousands of years. 7. Animal agony (squirrels, raccoons, birds of many species
smashed when trees are cut down)
8. Habitat destruction
9. Stone, brick, block, stucco are some of many alternatives better insulated and therefore with less energy cost.
10. Wood is strong in one direction only, one reason that martial arts instructors can hand chop it as long as they chop in the weak direction.
The History Channel spread disinformation in saying that wood pilings are the only solution for New Orleans building. Metal, stone, concrete are
some of the better alternatives than rotting wood.

Some Wall Street banksters and hedge funds are invested in mass deforestation which they call 'forest products'. They want to control the supply of paper for the warmongering media in which they are invested.

Oregon State University in the US is involved as are some other colleges and universities in treekilling. Oregon kills more trees than any other US state.

*Although it is against the law for a nonAmerican company to own
tv and radio stations in the US, Disney is partly owned by Shamrock
Holding of Tel Aviv. Though Walt Disney was an animal protector,
ABC Disney advertises the hunting he despised.


1. Newspapers, magazines, books
2. Toilet paper, paper towels
3. Copier paper, greeting cards
4. Matches (inexpensive lighters are available)
5. Construction
6. Charcoal made from wood
7. Woodburning stoves
8. Boats, canoes, kayaks
9. Cattle, sheep, and other slaughter industries cause deforestation as the animals
eat sapling trees, reported a UN environmental panel and tens of thousands of
other books, articles, studies.

The killing of trees for Roman shipbuilding caused the Sahara Desert. The cutting of trees
for firewood and fuel caused post WW2 starvation in N and S Korea. It is still a factor in
N Korea. Ancient Greeks had to abandon certain harbors, so great was the silt buildup
from the erosion caused by treecutting. Throughout history, many cultures have destroyed
an area by treecutting and moved as a result. France is helping destroy Gabon's forests. Canada, the US, and other countries have governments promoting treekilling.


1. Paper made from cotton lasts several hundred years. One is lucky if tree paper lasts
60 years. Rice paper is one of many other less violent paper sources.
2. In building, brick, block, stone, stucco, cement, metal are materials which
are less vulnerable to fire, rot, more insulated, less vulnerable to insect damage.
3. The more fruit and less meat one eats, the better for the planet as well as the health
of human beings, animals, birds, trees etc.
4. Cessation of mowing also helps baby trees to grow. Plant a nomow lawn.
Michael Pollan who kills trees with every column he writes in the NY Times, nevertheless
has joined the antimowing movement
50 reasons to stop mowing

The History Channel is notorious for rewriting history to conform to the financial and political interests of its owners.

Friend Of Forests