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Mark Thomas Curzon cinema pranks

rikki | 06.11.2013 23:19 | Workers' Movements | London

Workers at Curzon cinema chain are campaigning for better conditions, including union recognition, fair pay at at least London Living Wage, an end to zero-hour contracts, and the return of concessionary ticket prices for elderly, disabled, and claimants. Mark Thomas is helping out with some pranks.

front of cinema this morning
front of cinema this morning

Mark Thomas is supporting the Curzon workers as part of his "100 Acts of Minor Dissent" - an ongoing comedy show and series of activist antics.

On the morning of 6th November 2013, he was joined by his glamorous assistant, Tracey, and with the aid of a ladder, they spent quarter of an hour in broad daylight, rearranging the letters on the canopy at the front of the theatre to spell out the message "Give Us Fair Pay - Recognise The Union".

Filmed hand-held from some distance so as not to attract attention, the stunt passed off successfully, and the new message for Soho passers-by remained in place for several hours before being noticed and removed by management.

The film can be seen at
and the previous in-cinema protest is at

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Another comedy show and more cash for Thomas...

07.11.2013 09:30

When he does something where he is not promoting one of his tv shows or stage shows then he deserves some respect but the guy has been living off, and quite hansomely for decades other peoples misery. A slightly poorer and funnier version of Geldof!

Aunty Christ

Aunty shut up

07.11.2013 17:12

If it wasn't for mark Thomas, I would of never of gone to the carnival against capitalism bCk in the day... So shut the fuck up.

He has made me smile when I felt angry with the world.

I bet your displeased with Russel Brand being on our side too...

Joe blogs

@ jo Bloggs.. What an arse you sound like...

08.11.2013 19:08

Full of your own self importance like the self serving celebrities you cherish. Knobhead!

Aunty Christ