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Nine Clauses of British Republicanism

MiCo | 04.11.2013 19:50 | Analysis | Other Press | Social Struggles | London | World

British Republicanism proposes a political system for the UK in which equality is guaranteed. In response to support swelling and growing anger at the anachronistic concept of monarchy, key tenants have been composed.

Too often the republican movement is incorrectly categorized as being a brainchild of a particular ideology, confined to a geographical area or constituency. It is axiomatic that republicanism is a political ideology with no leaning, no period of relevancy, no homeland – but instead a broad-church, brute force display of democracy, decency and logical thought.

Additionally, it is important to clarify that those arguing for a true democracy (that is to say, a republic) are not selling the idea of utopia, but instead a state where government is constituted by, and accountable to, the electorate.

As such, British republicanism can be summarized in the following points:

1. British Republicanism rejects ANY form of hereditary rule and royal lineage

2. British Republicanism views any form of constitutional monarchy, regardless of the distribution of power, as a perversion of democracy.

3. British Republicanism proposes merely that a republic is the purest (in the sense of both democracy and decency) political system. It is not to claim that a republic is the shortcut to utopia.

4. British Republicanism does not have one anchored political leaning, but is instead applicable to all modern political thought.

5. British Republicanism supports equality of all peoples under law.

6. British Republicanism insists that all with power in the passing of law must reside under it, in addition to the rule established in point (4)

7. British Republicanism advocates succession to political office, (including Head of State, as republicanism professes), via no other means but the will of the electorate.

8. British Republicanism does not, by definition, express any intent of regicide

9. British Republicanism does not view “republics” with hereditary rule as republics, but instead as closeted monarchy

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