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Elish Angiolini And The ROTHSCHILD FAMILY

satya | 02.11.2013 19:11 | History | Public sector cuts | Social Struggles | World

This is who and what her real bosses do and are

It has become aparent that with the sale of north sea oil that both elish angiolini and the rothschilds have been working together in order to stop the distribution of wealth. These wicked people have no interest in the lower class. Never have never will do and with that in mind i have discovered that both angiolini and the rothschild family are running a uk wide paedophile ring. Not to mention the conservative links with this family that manufactured the sale of the nhs.

Everywhere this vile woman goes there is undeniable activity at the highest levels involving paedophiles. Just look at aberdeen and oxford for example. Aberdeen to this very day is still haunted with zero investigations and zero arrests with the commonly known paedophile ring that operates within aberdeen.

Then we have oxford where at the moment there is the scandal with oxford college and people speaking out about the abuse that is going on there. Yet not one high profile name is being arrested or even investigated. Sound familiar?? Same vile woman and same scenario. This leads me to believe that justice at the highest levels are being corrupted by both people in power within the uk and also the rothschild family.

The rothschild paedophile ring goes all the way to the top and has done for a long time.
They have big connections with the royal family and that explains alot about the mass paedophile ring in jersey. Where anyone investigating these terrible murders and child rapes are either silenced or banned from the uk as has happened already.
Both families are inbred and have the same characteristics. They all come from the ruling class blood lines. This undoubtly causes a deficiency within the human gene pool.

This is why our "top" people at the highest levels have a different thought process. Their clearly is a grooming process that goes on. Eugenics was never outlawed it was only re-labled and that i feel is where alot of the wrongs in our society come from.

These people need to be exposed for what they are and stand for. Anyone who is caught up in the media distraction in the myth of these people need to be informed in order for humanity to truly wake up.

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