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West Yorkshire Police admit breach of Human Rights of Yorkshire Peace Campaigner Lindis Percy

for CAAB | 29.10.2013 15:07 | Sheffield

The police have been held to account on this occasion but the problems with their behaviour at Menwith Hill (MoD police) continue.

PRESS RELEASE – 29 October 2013

West Yorkshire Police admit breach of Human Rights of Yorkshire Peace Campaigner

Lindis Percy (Coordinator of CAAB) was peacefully protesting at the presence of US personnel from the American base at NSA Menwith Hill near Harrogate North Yorkshire, who were acting as a ‘guard of honour’ when the Olympic Torch came through Harrogate on 19 June last year.

Following a claim brought by Ms Percy, in connection with the events on 19 June 2012, West Yorkshire Police have admitted to wrongful arrest, false imprisonment, assault and human rights infringements, specifically: the right to liberty; freedom of expression; and freedom of association and assembly. West Yorkshire Police had been drafted-in to police the Olympic Torch procession.

Ms Percy said: “It was important to right the clear wrong. I was shocked at the attitude and behaviour of officers from West Yorkshire Police. This does the police no good. I am delighted that the precious right to peaceful protest has been redressed”.

Andrew Gray, solicitor at Truth Legal, said: “My client was arrested by West Yorkshire Police for allegedly breaching the peace in order to stop her from exercising her freedom of expression. Such heavy-handed and arbitrary use of State force was wholly unnecessary.”

Notes to editors:

1. Ms Percy has been campaigning to bring public scrutiny and awareness to the activities of NSA Menwith Hill for many years.

2. NSA Menwith Hill is in the storm of the revelations by whistle blower Edward Snowden that the base has been extensively spying on millions of citizens and 35 Heads of State.

3. Andrew Gray of Truth Legal who represented Ms Percy is available for interviews - contact 01423 790108/ 07722 009 320


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