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Royal Marines Murder Injuurd Afgan Prisoner in Cold Blood

Anti-War Campagner | 24.10.2013 13:27 | Anti-militarism

Headlines from today's newspaper about atrocities in Afganistan.

Even the mainstream press are now balking at the hypocrisy of the Western Imperial War Machine.
Royal Marines in Afganistan were reportedly discussing amongst themselves the best place to shoot an injured prisoner in order to avoid detection of cold blooded murder. This directly contravenes almost every international convention on the rights of prisoners taken in battle.
Once and for all the West must start to take responsibility for it's own abuses and the abuses of it's lackeys who accept the 'king's shilling' and earn their wages by killing and torturing as a way of passing their time.
See front page of today's Independent..

Anti-War Campagner


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