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Builders force entry to damage 195 Mare Street – help needed

195 Mare Street | 07.10.2013 14:46 | Free Spaces | Policing | London

Today at approximately 10:05 a.m. as two of us were returning from scavenging fruit and vegetables a group of about a dozen builders forced entry into the social center. They then proceeded to affix a notice board to the wall declaring that the building was a construction site. We notified them that the property was legally occupied in accordance with the 1977 Criminal Law Act and that they had committed an offence by breaking into the building while it so occupied. Apparently unconcerned that their conduct was illegal, they proceeded to begin gutting the building while we were inside it. They also proceeded to disconnect the buildings water, by cutting the pipe connecting to the water main.

The builders were employed by CS Solutions and their supervisor was Jim Casey, the same man who had similarly threatened us weeks ago. No planning permission has been granted for any work to be done on the building; despite this and despite the building’s listed status they proceeded in doing significant damage to the downstairs.

We called the police and notified them of the situation. Upon arriving the police seemed equally unconcerned with stopping their illegal conduct and stood by as the builders proceeded in destroying the building. They claimed that they needed to “find out all the facts”. We asked if they could please ask the builders to stop destroying the space while they did so, and the police refused. With the help of a friend from the Advisory Service for Squatters, we were eventually able to persuade police Sergeant Gomez that the building was legally occupied and that Mr. Casey needed to take us to court in order to remove us, but not before considerable damage had been done to the ground floor and our property being kept there. The builders then began to leave. However, as they were doing so Jim Casey threatened that he would be back in a week to continue what he had started whether we were there or not . We advised him once again that he would need to take us to court before doing this, and he stated clearly that he did not intend to do this.

We invite anyone who has any time today or this week come and help to repair the damage that has been done and help re secure the building.

195 Mare Street
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they won't be back for a while

07.10.2013 15:08

proberly not till 3 weeks, but you need a big old crew in the building, you've been keeping it empty, you need 10 big lads down there night n day.


his facebook

07.10.2013 15:13

tell him Ricky Spanish sent you!

ricky spanish

Contacts for CS Solutions

07.10.2013 15:32

James Patrick Casey (Project Director)
James Patrick Casey (Project Director)

Christopher Stephen Sturdy (Project Manager & Director)
Christopher Stephen Sturdy (Project Manager & Director)

Tell those responsible what you think of them trying to destroy the social centre in Hackney...



Moatenden House,
Maidstone Road,
TN27 9PT

Telephone: 01622 892083


Cs Solutions (Group) Limited was incorporated on 11 Feb 2011 and is located in Ashford Kent. The company's status is listed as "Live"and it currently has 2 directors. It was founded by Mrs Cheryl Sturdy, Mr Christopher Stephen Sturdy, Mr James Patrick Casey. Cs Solutions (Group) Limited does not have any child companies.



JAMES PATICK CASEY (Project Director)

Mr James Patrick Casey was born in 1962 and the first directorship we have on file was in 2007 at Buildersmerchant.Com Ltd. His most recent directorship was with L.P. Casey Construction Limited where he held the position of "Property developer". This company has been around since 26 Aug 1999 . In total, James has held 14 directorships, 4 of which are current, and 10 are previous.


More info:

NOTE: By searching for a J P Casey in directory enquiries, I have located only one in Kent. I have chosen not to publish this, as it is not confirmed, but seems very likely this is where he lives (providing us his home telephone number). Notably there are no J P Casey's registered in Norwich, Yeovil or London, where he also had directorships registered. I'll put money on the fact he lives in Kent.

Would someone be up for checking (from a phonebox maybe) so it can be published and this bastard exposed? I'm abroad, so it's not practical for me to do so, otherwise I would of already done so.




Mr Christopher Stephen Sturdy was born in 1962 and the first directorship we have on file was in 2008 at The Cart Bar Company Limited. Him most recent directorship is with Cs Solutions (Group) Limited where he holds the position of "Developer". This company has been around since 11 Feb 2011 . Christopher has held 4 directorships, 3 of which are currently active, and 1 are previous.


More info:

Chris registers as living at the CS Solutions office, but also conveniently provides a home telephone number:

Tel: (01622) 890819



NOTE: This information is publicly available from the sources listed and is definitely not intended to incite any illegal activity that may/may not result in deterring any further damage to 195 Mare Street.


Chris' mobile number

07.10.2013 16:27

Chris' mobile number: 07811 444 158




18.10.2013 11:31

So in short you were happy to break into a building you did not own and use it for your own purposes but when the owner sent in the builders to begin the renovation of the building and provide homes for people who contribute to society rather than sponging off it you object and call the police !!!!!

Can you even understand why you are both wrong and stupid ?