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‘Operation Terror’ the 9/11 Hollywood thriller to be web-streamed

Allan Rees | 03.10.2013 05:45 | Anti-militarism

$ 5 – Watch Web-Stream Ticket Donation for 'Operation Terror' Berkeley, California Event – Good from Oct 19 to Nov 30, 2013. The web-stream is world-wide and will cover the entire event including the movies, the speakers, and the question and answer period.


The 90 Minute Hollywood 9/11 Fictional Thriller that is Banned from the Theaters because it bites too close to the truth.

Plus Question and Answer Period afterwards with our expert panel including the movie producer, Art Olivier. Also included is Richard Gage AIA of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth. Our MC is Ken Jenkins of 9/11 TV.

Plus: bonus short ‘Solving the Mystery of WTC7‘, a 15 minute factual documentary about the 3rd tower not hit by a plane that collapsed just like a controlled demolition that same day, narrated by Ed Asner.

This is a benefit event for our nonprofit No Lies Radio/No Lies Foundation and is Co-Sponsored by the BFUU SOCIAL JUSTICE COMMITTEE.

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