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Many Reasons Dolphins Are Dying

1918 | 25.09.2013 20:16 | Animal Liberation | Ocean Defence | Terror War | London | World

nuclear waste dumping, municipal sewer dumps,
long lines fishing, ship propellers, sonar,
and other causes of dolphin deaths

Dolphin mammals are killed
by illegally dumped nuclear
In tuna fish and other
fishing nets they suffocate
They die from city sewer
dumps into the sea.
They are knifed in Japan
and secretly killed by fishermen
They are killed by US Navy sonar.
They have been made into
portable bomb carriers by
the same Navy.
On plastic they choke.
Cruise and other ship propellers
are shredding their fins
Thousands of kinds of
oceandumped chemicals
are poisoning these dolphins

US Navy use of dolphins militarily

Japanese knifing of dolphins

Military Abuse of Dolphins
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