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Resist the attack on Syria - Smash the arms trade - demonstrate 3rd Sept at EDO

Smash EDO | 30.08.2013 10:41 | Smash EDO | Anti-militarism | Iraq | Palestine | South Coast | World

DEMONSTRATE Tues 3rd September - 4-6pm, EDO Arms Factory, Home Farm Rd, Brighton

Resist the attack on Syria > No to imperialist wars and the companies that profit from them
Stop the arms fair

Cameron and his cronies are pushing hard for an attack on Syria. This isn't because of any genuine concern for the victims of Assad's regime or support for freedom for the Syrian people. Instead the reason for the involvement of the UK and its allies is a cynical desire to exert greater. control over the region. An attack will have disastrous consequences for the people of Syria and beyond. Some of the weapons used by UK forces will be supplied by the EDO factory.

From September 9th the world's largest arms fair will be taking place in London. Representatives of EDO will be peddling their wares to dictators and despots from all over the world.

Come and show your anger outside the EDO factory. Bring pots and pans to make yourself heard. The best way to support the struggles for freedom from oppression and imperialism being waged globally is to target those who supply the means of oppression.

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Smash EDO
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