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Reclaim the Power: Action Camp: 16 – 21st August

No Dash For Gas | 19.07.2013 12:05 | Climate Chaos | Ecology | Energy Crisis

We want a clean and fair energy future where people come before profit. Join us for a four day camp at West Burton gas fired power station nr Retford, Notts.

Come to share your ideas. Create, imagine, resist. We are facing climate crisis, economic crisis and social crisis. Join us to Reclaim the Power!

The Reclaim the Power Camp will be the culmination of months of hard work and preparation from a team of determined and dedicated volunteers. We are striving to create a beautiful space that will be empowering to all who want to seek solutions and take action on the social, economic, and climate crises. All should feel able to participate regardless of age, disability, or previous activist experience.

This article aims to tell you a little bit more about what to expect what you take part in Reclaim the Power; it will be updated as our preparations continue to take shape. You can also follow the latest developments on Facebook and Twitter.

Camp life

Many individuals are currently hard at work to ensure that, come Friday 16th August, a field in Nottinghamshire will have been transformed into safe and accessible temporary community where all can meet likeminded people, discuss the issues, and prepare for action. Once there, it will be up to everyone who attends to get stuck in and help sustain the camp; you don’t need to bring any skills, just bring your energy and enthusiasm!

The camp will be organised into four villages; these will be mini-communities where you can pitch your tents, eat, and socialise. Villages will hold daily morning meetings where important information will be shared and any necessary decisions taken. All camp meetings will run through an open, inclusive, and participatory process known as consensus decision making; this seeks to ensure all voices our heard and everyone is happy with meeting outcomes.

Besides the village structure there is a range of other resources for participants to both make use of and contribute to making happen:

  • The Welcome Tent: providing you with a smile, camp booklet, and the knowledge of where to go. The welcome tent will also be the go-to point for any queries that may pop up.
  • Kitchens: preparing delicious and energising vegan meals throughout the camp’s duration. You don’t need to bring your own food; just come ready to chop some vegetables and wash up!
  • The Kids’ Space: activities and adventures to ensure our youngest participants are able to make the most of their time at the camp (and so are their parents or carers).
  • Legal Support: on hand to offer legal advice prior to the action, arrest support during the action, and also to ensure all police activity is comprehensively monitored.
  • Wellbeing: providing a space to go for all who feel they require some time-out from the sometimes hectic nature of an action camp.
  • Tranquillity: dealing with any conflicts that may arise across the site and supporting everyone in sticking to the safer spaces policy.
  • Medics: providing first aid if required.

The camp aims to be accessible to all, but if you have any particular questions relating to accessibility then please do contact us (

Things to bring: tent, sleeping bag, warm clothes, toothbrush/paste, loo roll, sunblock, waterproofs, a torch, and a desire to change the world.

Things not to bring: food (no need), dogs (except from support dogs which are more than welcome), knives (unwise), and belief that nothing can change.

Popular education

One of the most exciting things about Reclaim the Power is the diverse range of groups and individuals we know to be coming. This provides a fantastic opportunity for the sharing of experience to enable us to join to dots between social, environmental, and economic injustice. Our popular education programme will take place on Saturday 17th August. It will see an extensive range of workshops leading into a whole-camp evening gathering to synthesise the day’s learning. The workshops will cover a full range of interrelated subjects; Extreme Energy, The Cuts, Privilege, and Just Transition are just a small sample from our programme.

We already know groups such as UK Uncut, Platform, the UK Tar Sands Network, and Disabled People Against the Cuts will be contributing to this day; more groups will be announced in the coming weeks via our Twitter and Facebook page.

In addition to issue-based workshops, there will also be a range of practical workshops. These will include consensus decision making, digital campaigning, media messaging, building a protest camp, and direct action.

Of course, it’s not all super serious; the evenings (except the night before the action) will see broad range of music, comedy, and opportunities to let your hair down and dance! Acts will be announced in the coming weeks.

Mass action

Sunday 18th August will see the Camp prepare for mass action on the Monday; a full range of legal and practical support will be on hand to help people make decisions, find buddies, and train for whichever role they decide to take.

There will be a part to play for everyone, whether you wish to take direct action or take on one of many supporting responsibilities.

At present, action preparations are still taking shape. However, it promises to take a clear challenge the dangerous new dash for gas and the wider culture of corporate power.

More information coming soon!

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