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Stop evicting Brixton - July 15th

Rushcroft road | 12.07.2013 15:50 | London | South Coast

Rushcroft Road Eviction - this Monday 15th July.
Join the people of the Rushcroft Road to stop Lambeth evicting Brixton.


We are 75 people living in 6 blocks of residential flats in central Brixton who are facing eviction from our homes. Most of us have occupied and squatted the building for decades. One person has been here for 32 years. Generations of families have grown up here.

Lambeth council have let these buildings go into a state of disrepair. We have made these buildings into our homes

Now there are significant profits to be made they will renovate the buildings and sell them off. In doing so they are destroying a community with deep roots in Brixton. This is part of a wider trend in and around London boroughs where councils socially cleanse, motivated solely by money, pushing out those who have been for many years.
We demand that Lambeth council honors their commitment to cooperative organising and stops making people homeless.

We invite you to join us for the eviction on Monday 15th July.

Show Lambeth council that they can’t continue to make people in Brixton homeless. Tell your neighbors! Bring your Mum, Dad and Grandma! Make some noise! We expect an early start so invite you to meet on Rushcroft road at 6.30am. Blog:

Rushcroft road
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Resisting the evictions

15.07.2013 07:30

Some resistance being offered now.

yuppies out


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New Campaign For A Moratorium on Radicals Burning Rubbish Bins

15.07.2013 20:42

I am starting a new campaign today for A Moratorium on Radicals Burning Rubbish Bins. From Brazil to Berlin to Portland to Brixton the imagination of the movement has been reduced to setting fires in rubbish bins. This activity is as lifeless as the accompanying radical act of pulling newstands into the road which has been the mainstay of non-riots worldwide since the start of the new millenium.

Join my campaign for real burning and looting in the world ghetto and stop the paltry act of burning rubbish bins and their viral appeareance as riot porn on YouTube or on the pages of The Standard and the Daily Mail.

Enough is enough!
Stand up for proper radical fires!
Stand up for real riot porn filmed at the wellspring of a combusted capitalist world!