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EDO MBM files accounts showing 2012 business losses

* | 24.06.2013 19:55 | Smash EDO | Anti-militarism | Terror War | South Coast

Brighton arms firm EDO MBM Technology Ltd has filed 2012 accounts showing poor results for 2012, the year it was targetted by the Smash EDO Summer of Resistance campaign of direct action.

EDO MBM's turnover, profit, and orders all dropped in 2012 while net assets fell from £9,990,000. to £6,517,000., a fall of over 30% in the overall value of the company.

Employee numbers dropped to a new low, yet salary costs rose due apparently only to its three directors awarding themselves pay increases.

Managing director, liar, and war criminal Paul Hills, increased his salary from £92,000 to £114,00. as an apparent reward for his bad conscience over his knowing assistance in the use of cluster bombs by the USA, as well as his active support for CIA and RAF targetted killings with Predator drones using EDO MBM technology, and the continued technical support for Israeli F-16 weapon systems (owned by EDO MBM) used to bomb civilians in occupied Palestine.

Companies House PDF of 2012 accounts attached.

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