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US Comic TV Satire Of Iowa Congressman Trying To Make Battery Hen Cages Smaller

Colbert Supporter | 24.06.2013 18:40 | Animal Liberation | Ecology | Health | London | World

US TV comic Stephen Colbert has an hilarious satire on US Iowa congressman Steve King, who wants battery hen cages smaller.

Stephen Colbert's Satire Of US Congressman
Stephen Colbert's Satire Of US Congressman

Stephen Colbert has an hilarious satire on Rep. Stephen King of Iowa whose terror creation,
unlike that of writer Stephen King, is real. Rep. Stephen King has voted to make dogfighting legal, to keep arsenic in food given chickens, and has voted against helping
animals out of flooded or other disaster ridden areas. Now Rep Stephen King wants to
make chicken cages smaller. He is afraid that the 200 square inch cage for factory farmed
chickens mandated by California voters will go nationwide.

See the Colbert spoof:

Iowa is the home of some of the most hideous animal torture ever.

Iowa is the home of 2 of the 3 senators (Grassley and Harkin) who initiated a bill to remove
all humane protection for the shipping of baby chicks. They are now by the USPS
classified as commercial mail and can be crushed on postal platforms (or those of FedEx or
UPS) in cardboard containers, die of thirst, bake in the heat, freeze in the cold.

Stephen Colbert: I bet those chickens don't have to be married before they have an egg.

Stephen Colbert: (re chickens) Next we'll work on trust falls over deep fat fryers.


The average egg has 250 to 300 mg of heart and brain artery clogging cholesterol, takes 120 gallons of production water, and requires 32 hours of jail in a factory farm cage for a chicken.

-Art Margolis-

Chickens are debeaked so that they will not peck each other to death in the overcrowding as sometimes 9 chickens are forced into the cage. An EPA investigator sunk up to her neck in quicksand type chicken waste at Buckeye, a factory farm in Ohio which then became Ohio Fresh Egg to avoid bankruptcy, and is now Agrigeneral. At that factory farm, hundreds of thousands of birds were bulldozed alive into graves, their metal cages crunched by a tornado which killed half a million birds, thus ending early their hideous lives.

Eggs account for nearly half of the fatal food poisonings annually in the US. The use of eggs in the development of vaccines has made vaccines
more toxic.

Many have been treated to the sight of their skillets full of blood, beaks and claws as they have accidentally cracked a fertilized egg into the hot grease.

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