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Audio: Sheffield - Building our Response to the Climate Challenge

Chris | 15.06.2013 14:28 | Analysis | Climate Chaos | Energy Crisis | Sheffield | World

Attached are audio recordings and slides from the "Building our Response to the Climate Challenge" public meeting which was co-organised by Sheffield Climate Alliance and Sheffield City Council on 13th June 2013.

Joan Miller - Introduction from the Sheffield Climate Alliance - mp3 2.6M

Councillor Jack Scott - starting a Green Commission for Sheffield - mp3 5.8M

Dr. John Broderick, Tyndall Climate Centre - Current emissions trends - mp3 21M

Prof. Andrew Gouldson - A Mini-Stern Review for Sheffield City Region - mp3 20M

Panel and audience discussion - mp3 63M

Audio Slides from Dr. John Broderick - application/pdf 1.4M

Audio Economics of a Low Carbon Sheffield - application/pdf 1.8M

Audio Slides from Prof. Andrew Gouldson - application/pdf 288K

The meeting was advertised on with the following text:

It is time to talk about Carbon, we have:

* 400ppm of CO2 in the atmosphere

* CO2 rising exponentially (see 1 below)

* Potential temperature rise of 4 to 6 degrees

* Threat of financial bust from £4 trillion invested in un-burnable carbon (see 2 below)

* The potential to add 6000 climate jobs and £300 milliom a year to Sheffield’s economy if we invest in low-carbon (see 3 below)


Dr. John Broderick:

From Tyndall Climate Centre at Manchester University, presenting current emissions trends, likely impacts and the action required to avoid them.

Prof. Andrew Gouldson:

An author of The Economies of Low Carbon Cities: a Mini-Stern Review for Sheffield City Region from The Centre for Low Carbon Futures.


2. ‘The Burning Question: we can’t burn half the world’s oil, coal and gas, so how are we going to quit?’ Mike Berners-Lee and Duncan Clark. Profile Books 2013

3. The mini-Stern Review for Sheffield City Region is available at:

- Homepage: