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For for those traveling to Ireland in the next days

yogo | 14.06.2013 00:04 | G8 2013 | Repression | Liverpool

we got alot of stuff taken from us on the ferry going to ireland

One week ago at the ferry station in Liverpool going to Belfast we were interrogated for 45 minuites about our intentions on going to ireland. The police asked us if we were involved in protests, what causes we felt strogly about, where we were staying in belfast and if we were going to the G8 protests. The policeman was being very friendly the whole time, joking with us and pretending he was just curious. They searched our bags and then they cofiscated hard drives, usb sticks, camera, notebooks and maps under the Terroism Act 2000. There should not be an official record of political activity associated with us, with none of us having been convicted of a crime. They told us that we couldnt get our stuff back even if we didnt go to ireland.



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