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Camden Solidarity Vigil for Bradley Manning: report and photos

WISE Up | 07.06.2013 22:32 | Anti-militarism | Repression | Terror War | London

London Catholic Worker and friends are holding a vigil and flyering for Bradley Manning three afternoons a week during the trial, currently outside Camden tube station. After three years of pre-trial detention and nearly a year of torture, the trial in Bradley Manning's court martial finally got underway this Monday at Fort Meade, Maryland, US. The WikiLeaks whistleblower has made probably the most significant anti-war leak of information in history and is being persecuted for daring to reveal evidence of war crimes and much more. Solidarity needed everywhere.

a new banner
a new banner

truth on trial
truth on trial

core of the vigil
core of the vigil

on my bike
on my bike

free bradley manning!
free bradley manning!

tourists show interest
tourists show interest

News from the trial

The week's proceedings broke up early after government witnesses took far less time than allocated to give their evidence. The trial resumes next Monday. Read a report on the week's developments at Other independent reports from the court are being posted by Alexa O'Brien and Kevin Gosztola.

Today in Camden

Four Catholic workers and a couple of others maintained a presence on the pavement near Camden tube station this afternoon, displaying banners and placards for Bradley Manning, distributing flyers and postcards to those requesting them, engaging in conversation and encouraging other solidarity actions such as writing letters to Brad. A lot of people stopped to ask for information and to discuss the case or went over to read the detailed banner with its shocking images taken from the Collateral Murder video.

Bradley Manning's trial is expected to last until August - plenty of time to do your own actions in solidarity with this persecuted whistleblower who faces possible life imprisonment without parole.

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Solidarity continues in Camden during trial

10.06.2013 15:50

This vigil will continue every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 4pm to 6pm outside Camden station.

Call 07927 259 363 or email london4manning [at] to confirm attendance.

mail e-mail: london4manning [at]


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AUDIO (26 mins) Ciaron O'Reilly - London CW radio interview on the Anti-Iraq War

08.06.2013 06:16

AUDIO (26 mins) Ciaron O'Reilly - London Catholic Worker, radio interview on the Anti-Iraq War movement .. 26 min clip of O'Reilly's contribution to 2 hr program...

Link to Ciaron O'Reilly - London CW - excerpted 26 mins contribution
from the below 2 hr March 15th "Dissident Island" Radio program
discussion on the anti-Iraq War movement - the ongoing abandonment of
Manning & Assange in England:

AUDIO excerpt (26 mins)

The above excerpted from AUDIO - "Dissident Island" Radio recording of a panel with Ciaron of the Catholic Worker and representatives from Peace News & Stop the War Coalition, Friday March 15th. in London, discussing the movement against the Iraq War.

from "Dissident Island"

VID (3 mins) - Melbourne Solidarity - Collateral Murder street projection

08.06.2013 06:45

Melbourne, Australia Solidarity
Collateral Murder street projection