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North East EDL supporter makes shocking claim over Lee Rigbys murder

TWAFA | 04.06.2013 09:17 | Anti-racism

Bill Weir, an EDL supporter from the North East has made a shocking admission.

Weir, who spoke at the EDL’s Newcastle demonstration last saturday has admitted that the flagging EDL has gain from the death of Drummer Lee Rigby.

"We did in fact benefit from the murder of Lee Rigby, but it was not our wish or doing......"

The quote above from Northeast EDL supporter Bill Weir comes as no great surprise, but does highlight yet again the dangerous and symbiotic relationship between the racist thugs of the far-right and the savage, intolerant Islamic Fundamentalist terrorists. They need each other.

They feed off each other and are doing so in an increasingly dangerous game for all of us in Northeast England and the wider country. The real divide in this country is not between Muslims and the rest, but between the violent extremists of whatever persuasion and the vast majority of decent reasonable people of whatever faith or background.

At the end of the day we are the many and the extremists are the few. As long as the vast majority of decent people in this region and this country stand up to all hatred and extremism, from whatever direction it comes from, then it can and will be defeated.

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just like those idiots

04.06.2013 21:12

that are trolling Indymedia saying that the murder as FAKE done with fake blood by the government. Fuckers

and the other one

@and the other one

05.06.2013 09:38

One of your lot said it. Stop whining.