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Smithfield, World's Biggest Pigkiller with Norwich Holdings, Acquired by Chinese

Trichinella | 30.05.2013 18:14 | Animal Liberation | Ecology | Health | London | World

Smithfield, the world's largest pigkilling company, with holdings in Norwich, one criticized around the world for its factory farming cruelty, dumping of unprocessed pig waste into the watershed, human disease causation has
been acquired for several billion dollars by a Chinese corporation. Chinese companies already kill 450 million pigs annually.

Lives Like Sardines in a Can
Lives Like Sardines in a Can

Smithfield Said to Cause Epidemic in Mexico
Smithfield Said to Cause Epidemic in Mexico

More Cruelty
More Cruelty

Factory Farm Torture
Factory Farm Torture

Chinese Company Acquires World's Biggest Pigkiller: Smithfield

From Robert F Kennedy Jr. and Ralph Nader to health, environment, labor and animal rights groups in Europe, Mexico and the US, activists have opposed the world's biggest pig killer Smithfield recently acquired by a Chinese company for billions.

The world's biggest pigkiller, animal slayer and agony causer, human disease generator, environmental destroyer, major polluter of the Atlantic and other seas with pfiesteria, ecoli (colon bacteria), etc. is Smithfield, with operations in the US, Mexico, the UK, Romania, Poland etc.

Smithfield is being bought by a Chinese company, Shuanghui International Holdings Ltd. China already has at least 2 billionaires whose fortune is derived by the murder of pigs. Before this acquisition, Chinese businesses were slaughtering 450 million pigs a year.... genocide on an unprecedented level.

Smithfield was considered a cause of an epidemic in Mexico. It has been opposed around the world.

Trichinosis is one of many diseases associated with consuming pig cadavers. The cyst of the trichinella worm is hard and takes high heat to kill. Eating the flesh of pigs is avoided in the Muslim, Jewish religions as well as the vegetarian religions of Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, the sects of Seventh Day Adventists, Franciscan, Trappist and other Catholic religious orders, Salvation Army original teachings, the writings of the founder of Methodism John Wesley.

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Thailand's CP Foods considered a Smithfield bid, something anathema to the Buddhists of Thailand.
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30.05.2013 21:35

The chinese are very cruel to animals.