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UK-Savar Solidarity: a summary of protests against Primark

Stop G8 | 04.05.2013 23:46 | Workers' Movements

Various groups around the UK have staged protests against Primark and other clothing brands implicated in the collapse of the Rana Plaza factory in Savar, Bangladesh, in which more than 500 people are known to have died.

Brighton protest outside primark
Brighton protest outside primark

**May Day: Mango, Benetton, Primark, Central London:

On International Workers' Day, activists from the Stop G8 Network held a series of loud and angry protests against Mango, Primark and Benetton stores in Oxford Street. Each of these companies is known to have sourced their clothes from the Rana Plaza factory. Protesters entered the shops and chanted about the continued exploitation of workers in Bangladesh and elsewhere. Many leaflets were handed to people in the heaving shopping district and there was considerable interest and support. Most shoppers were deterred from entering the shops due to the large number of police and protesters standing in front of the entrances. Protesters emphasised that the disaster in the Bangladeshi garment factory is just the latest incident in a series of such tragedies and that callous disregard for workers is part and parcel of global capitalism.



**May Day, Primark, Bristol:

The 'Radical Bloc' of the May Day march descended on Primark, blocked entry to the store and distributed leaflets.

Photos and report here:

**May 2nd, Primark, Brighton:

Stop G8 also picketed and leafleted outside a Primark store in Brighton.

*Other reports of protests in the UK*

**27th April, Primark, Central London:

War on Want organised a protest outside Primark on 27th April. Details here:

**4th May, Primark, Birmingham:

Report here:

**4th May, Primark, Hackney:

Workers' Liberty organised a protest and petition outside a Primark store in Hackney

**4th May, Primark, Lewisham:

Workers' Liberty held a protest outside the Lewisham Primark store


For background on the causes of the collapse, see this article:

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