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1 June: US Embassy Demo for Bradley Manning. Download flyers.

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After three years in pre-trial detention, including nearly a year of torture at Quantico, WikiLeaks whistleblower Bradley Manning's trial is finally expected to begin on Monday 3 June at Fort Meade, Maryland, US.

There will be a mass rally at Fort Meade on Saturday 1 June, International Day of Solidarity Action. In London, there will be a solidarity demo outside the US Embassy.


Protest at the US Embassy from 2pm on Saturday 1 June

Grosvenor Square, London W1, closest tube Bond Street.

Bradley Manning has claimed responsibility for the largest leak of information in US military history, a gift to the anti-war movement and to all who value truth and justice. He brought the Collateral Murder video to the world's attention (previously suppressed by the US) as well as the Afghan War Diary and Iraq War Logs, Guantanamo Files and hundreds of thousands of US diplomatic cables that provide evidence of the extent and intent of US intervention around the globe.

Bradley Manning faces possible life without parole if convicted at Court Martial on charges including 'Aiding the Enemy,' a charge that can carry the death penalty.

Bradley Manning has Welsh and Irish roots and has close family members living in Wales. Stand in solidarity with Brad on 1 June in London or wherever you are.

Blowing the whistle on war crimes is not a crime.


Other flyers and resources here.

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Flyer for use outside London (Everywhere!)

04.05.2013 04:56

Here's an adaptation of the flyer that can be used for folk outside London, to encourage protest everywhere on 1 June.

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LONDON - Report, observations photos & video from May Day solidarity for Bradley

03.05.2013 08:27

Photos start of May Day march & march

Short vid clip

Photos Trafalgar Square shrine/static display, writing in the dust

14 Bradley Manning solidarity activists gathered on the London May Day march to spread the word about the forthcoming June 3rd. trial . Folks were largely drawn from Assange embassy solidarity vigil, Catholic Worker, Veterans for Peace. We mingled among the crowd as it assembled, passively leafleting & speaking to people about the case, set up on the sidewalk as the march passed offering leaflets, marched and set up a shrine/ static display/ engaging folks expressing interest in the display at Trafalgar Square. It was great weather.

Some observations
- the left groups that played a major role in the million+ anti-Iraq War mobilisation (and some say milked that movement) are disengaged from Bradley's plight as consequence of his nonviolently exposing that war.

- there is a general problem of movements taking responsibility for prisoners they produce. That unfortunately is the paradigm we are operating in as we approach this trial eg. opportunist organisations mobilise people to march against the war, they incite resistance, they abandon the resister. This is not only a problem for Bradley, but a general problem for those in and outside the military who moved from protest to nonviolent resistance to oppose the war.

- The name "Bradley Manning" does not have good "brand recognition" even amongst this May Day crowd. When explaining to people expressing interest in the display there was recognition (largely ignited memory) of the word "WikiLeaks" they then understood who Bradley is when explained.

*Conclusion use the full name Bradley Manning WikiLeaks whistleblower (or some better term as lots of folks don't know what a whistleblower is prisoner? dunno. "Brad" might mean something to us but it means little to anyone else.

Make it as easy for people to support Bradley as possible. Clear concise explanation, clear websites, clear contact details for further information.