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Jacobs Bailiffs Communication Blockade - 29th April

Anti-Bailiff Action | 23.04.2013 13:25

Let’s kickstart a summer of anti-bailiff action

Bailiffs are scum of the earth, gangrenous parasitic pustules that feed off the scraps of an already exploited working class. They are there to enforce the legislature and make a neat profit, usually from the pocket of the individual or family being targeted.

Whatever the reason for debt, who gives a fuck! Debt should not be blamed on the individual actions of borrowers! Individuals are led into borrowing by low wages, meagre benefits and the insidious pressures to consume.

They are forced into debt by factors beyond their direct control like rises in interest rates, prices, unemployment or illness. But whilst the causes of debt may not be individual, the effects most certainly are; individuals and families coping with evictions, the struggle to survive without water or fuel supplies after disconnection, harassment by bailiffs. The stress this causes often leads to mental breakdowns, illness, and relationship break-ups.

As the Bedroom Tax starts to hit tenants, and arrears start to build, there is every possibility that bailiffs will be called in by housing associations somewhere along the line to evict tenants. Government and business call it the “last resort”, but really what they mean by that is it’s the ultimate method of enforcing the demands of capital on working class tenants. Anti-bedroom tax groups across the UK are organizing anti-bailiff resistance, so let’s give them a helping hand by putting the shits up the enforcers.

On Monday 29th April, let’s kickstart a summer of anti-bailiff action by phone/fax blasting one of the biggest bailiff companies in the North West, Jacobs Bailiffs, as part of a communications blockade. You'll find all the details of the action on the below Facebook event page:

Jacobs Bailiffs Communication Blockade Facebook event page:

Anti-Bailiff Action


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