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Mobs and Coppers

Schnews | 22.04.2013 14:59 | Anti-racism | Migration | Social Struggles | South Coast antifascist day out by the seaside

“One guy went straight over the barricade into them – he was knocked down but everyone followed and soon the fascists were hiding behind the police” - eyewitness account of the the arrival of the South East Alliance into the March for England pen.

Another year, another March for England, another victory for the anti-fascist massive. Around 100-150 dregs of the EDL with the assistance of 700 police to march 400 yards along a cordoned off seafront and back. Turn-out against the march was huge with an estimated 2,000 counter-protestors turning out inside the police organised cordon re-inforced with a 200 strong black block roaming around the perimeter.

Photos (see below) of the event show the extent to which Brighton stood up for itself well against the various EDL splinter groups that make up the March for England. The far-right pulled out all the stops for this one with march organiser Dave Smeeton hitting the road to drum up support for the event. The basic message was: Last year they caught us by surprise – this year we must get the numbers and show the 'commies' who's boss. Fascists travelled from around the country to be in Brighton and the day showed just how dispirited the remnants of the English Defence league are.


A large number of old EDL faces were spotted on the day but the likes of Shane Calvert, Jeff Marsh and Liam Pinkham just can't attract a following any more and are reduced to making idle threats on the internet. Fascists had promised a weekend of carnage, but in the end Jeff 'Casuals United' Marsh @wegowherewewant was reduced to tweeting on Saturday that the Casuals 'totally owned Worthing' which is a nice way of spinning the fact that they were too frightened to come fifteen miles along the coast to Brighton for the night.

Meanwhile Brighton's anti-fascist coalition was busy building in the town itself conducting daily street stalls and plastering the place with stickers and flyposters. It was obvious by contrast that the March for England have no base in the town and no grass-roots support.


Sussex police claimed that they were putting in place the biggest public order operation in the force's history and the barrier erected along the seafront was expensive but in the event nothing prevented fash and anti-fa from settling their differences.

Plod had originaly annnounced that the MfE were to be bussed into their start point from one of the train stations. In the event they were simply allowed to walk through town in small groups – unsurprisingly SchNEWS started hearing of small punch-ups erupting throughout the North and South Laines. The first real flashpoint came when groups of EDL started to get to the startpoint of their demo while waving flags. One group was immediatley chased into a bookmakers on St James St while anti-fascists fought with the police to get at them. They were only rescued by the arrival of mounted cops. Meanwhile the South East Alliance were trying to sing their way badly into the cordon while being pelted with bottles.

Eventually march organisers decided that sufficient numbers had arrived for the march to begin. The MfE began their dismal cordoned off trudge at 1p.m – realistically police presence and preparation meant that there was little chance of blocking the route. However the MfE had to run the gauntlet of 2,000 jeering opponents, comprised of trade unionists, the Unite Against Fascism crowd, the Green Party and hundreds of ordinary Brightonians.


Meanwhile groups of fash and anti-fa played hide and seek in through the South Lanes. Groups of fash were continually sent packing, retreating behind police lines. A few anti-fascists got thumped but the opposition came off far, far worse. The militant block eventually made its way to the proposed end point of the march and waited there to bait the march. This was when the hardcore racists headed up by Steve 'Sugar Plum Fairy' Sands, launched their ill-fated kamikaze attack. Badly disguised as black block a handful of them began throwing punches at the masked up youth but were rapidly overwhelmed and were only just rescued by police after a proper pasting.(insert your own“ got a tasty smack in the mush off the lads/ claret all over the shop” type hooooligan narrative here). By the way Sands has pent the last two years bragging on facebook about ambushing anti-fascists during a 2010 demo in served cold eh?


The fash were marched back to the start point and police organised coaches began to arrive to cart them off to less fashionable parts of the country. A few hundred antis remained to see them on their way but the majority marched back through town under a rainbow flag and behind a banner marked 'No Pasaran'. No cordons, no police, with the chant “Whose streets, our streets” ringing true. One particiapant told SchNEWS “This was a moment of true Brighton unity – we didn't need cops to protect or facilitate our march because this is our town”. Video link

The above does not represent the whole story of the day which was often confusing and fragmentary with pockets and bursts of activity occurring across the whole town until late in the night. Anti-fascist coalition StopMFE have put out an appeal for accounts of the day.

Altogether thirteen anti-fascists were arrested and although arrest support was provided if you need support or think you have important witness evidence then please contact



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They got

22.04.2013 15:57


end of

The march should be banned

22.04.2013 17:02

Bloody idiots, all I could hear from the allotments yesterday was the sound of sirens! What a difference to the previous weeks event, Shameful
And now somebody has to clear all the posters and rubbish away.

I'm not alone

Police and thieves .. on the streets

22.04.2013 21:06

Seems a bit like the situation for people living in such places as Iraq.. who had democracy rammed down their throats. The folks in Brighton .. got "the Police will protect you ..or else" Self determination, taking care of your own shit are not to be encouraged in a capitalist society. Where you should be having plenty to drink and watching it on TV. The opposition for the people is not a total bunch of wankers who should have been shipped to Afghanistan as prime cannon fodder but the local mafia (authorities) represented by their front line pawns, the boys in blue. Good result for the local community. Maybe it's time to take the fight to the local council which is an occult front of freemasons and people who are lot more dangerous than the extremist clowns of the EDL..

Dixon of Dock green

NAZI SALUTES by March for "England"

22.04.2013 22:37

March For England twat gives Nazi salute
March For England twat gives Nazi salute

March For Germany twat gives another Nazi salute
March For Germany twat gives another Nazi salute

Bill Baker confirms BNP activists attended March For England 2013
Bill Baker confirms BNP activists attended March For England 2013

Shane Clavert aka "Diddyman NWI" aka "The Diddler"
Shane Clavert aka "Diddyman NWI" aka "The Diddler"

1 - March For England twat gives Nazi salute (with apologies to Jess Hurd), Brighton 2013

2 - March For Germany twat gives another Nazi salute

3 - Bill Baker confirms the obvious - that BNP activists attended March For England 2013 (Bill Baker himself appeared on the leaked BNP membership list)

4 - Shane Clavert aka "Diddyman NWI" aka "The Diddler" (short-arse, hence Armani EA7 bomber jacket) ... why on earth would anyone who says they're opposed to paedophiles call themselves "The Diddler"?

And, by way of a re-cap -

"Nazi Infidels to march on Brighton, 21st April 2013" -

NF & KKK lynched black people in effigy in Swansea -

Fish n chips

Carwyn Wood - Welsh Nazi - THICK AS PIGSHIT

22.04.2013 23:32

Carwyn Wood - Welsh Nazi
Carwyn Wood - Welsh Nazi

Carwyn Wood - Welsh Nazi
Carwyn Wood - Welsh Nazi

Carwyn Wood & the Brighton Pavilion (see comments)
Carwyn Wood & the Brighton Pavilion (see comments)

While we all agree that extremist Islam frankly sucks beyond, if you ever wondered whether the perspective on Muslim culture that's offered by far-right groups might be based on a slightly selective reading of the... err... "facts", following March For England's Brighton 2013 fuck-up, former Welsh Defence League clown and Combat 18 dick Carwyn Wood (see earlier Indymedia threads*) now posts online describing the BRIGHTON PAVILION (built by Prince Albert) as a MOSQUE

Oh my days

These ignorant jack-stains might like to lift themselves out the first order of mind-rotting stupidity, by acquainting themselves with the facts of those Indians - including Muslims - who fought and died, during both world wars, to defend this country from the same form of German imperialism that these super-morons seek to inflict on us today


Woodwind Carl

Fascist n chips

23.04.2013 00:21

Fascist battered
Fascist battered

By-the-numbers "Casuals United" 3-stripe Adidas blue? Check!

Shaven head fake "Casual" bonehead? Check!

Jeff Marsh may talk a good talk when it comes to recommending footwear, but unfortunately, when push comes to shove, as usual Jeff's nowhere to be seen, leaving his cannon-fodder to find their own way out of the gutter


NF peen-arse

23.04.2013 09:39

1. why wd antifascists go and disrupt a remembrance day that commemorates people who fought and died against fascism?

2/ do you really think we are some sort of 'firm.'? antifascists do their stuff at fascist do's then go and do other sutff (unions, anti-cuts). we hardly organise because ageing fat wankers like you go 'lets have it.' by the way, you fared very badly on sunday 'having it' and it was great to see you shitting yourselves. again. give it up old boy, its a young mans game. go back to the 70s!


March for England - You Tube classics

23.04.2013 23:49

March For England "stand their ground" (ho, ho) in Brighton (45,000 views)*

March For England "feelgood" music video (753 views)*

March For England chanting "EDL"

And, to CAP it all (rough justice, ya Nazi mugs) -

* Number of views accurate 11pm, 23 April 2013


The day the far right died as a movement

25.04.2013 23:09

Never to be forgotten.