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Campaigners lock themselves to the gates of arms factory on 10th anniversary of Iraq invasion

Smash EDO | 19.03.2013 07:11 | Smash EDO | Anti-militarism | Iraq | South Coast

Campaigners have blockaded the gates of a Brighton arms factory on the tenth anniversary of the invasion of Iraq.

A group of activists arrived at the EDO MBM factory at 6am and three of them affixed themselves to the gates using bicycle d-locks and superglue.

The action was held this morning to mark the tenth anniversary of the beginning of the Iraq war in 2003.

EDO blockade 19 March 2013
EDO blockade 19 March 2013

EDO MBM is one of a group of companies which has supplied Paveway missiles for use in Iraq and Afghanistan. The company also manufactures a cable, the Field Replaceable Connector System, which is used on US planes known to carry cluster munitions.

Chloe Marsh of Smash EDO said: “The case for war was put to people in the UK on the basis of an immediate threat from Iraqi WMD. This turned out, as expected, to be a lie. As a result, according to the Lancet, over a million Iraqi citizens have died.”

Andrew Beckett said: “We are here to commemorate those who died in the aerial bombardment of Iraq and to resist EDO MBM's continued supply of components to the US/UK military.”

Another campaigner, Jessica Nero, is challenging her conviction for aggravated trespass in Lewes appeal court today. She will argue that EDO MBM's business is unlawful.

For more details about Nero's appeal, see

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Blockade ends

19.03.2013 12:41

EDO blockade just finished, with the last people cut off. Two arrests. The blockade lasted 6 hours.

Smash EDO


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  1. Well done to all involved. — smahed
  2. Arrestees released — Smasher