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Anti-War Panel on Dissident Island Radio Tonight

for the anti-war movement | 15.03.2013 11:36 | Iraq | Terror War | London

"10 years since one of the most contested wars in modern history, dissident island radio has assembled a panel of seasoned anti-war activists who have been active in opposing the Iraq war." Listen live or download podcast afterwards.

Dissident Island Radio – Iraq War Panel Discussion – Friday 15 March 2013:

Joining us for the evening:

Milan Rai
Ciaron O’Reilly
Jim Brand, Steering Committee of Stop the War

Participation in the discussion and radio show is open to all – and there will be a fund-raiser social immediately after the show – a good place to stick around and continue talking politics late into the evening…

Where? Mainhall of LARC, 62 Fieldgate Street, E1 1ES

When? 7-8:30pm

Listen live or check the dissident island website for a link to download the show afterwards if you can’t make it down.

for the anti-war movement
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