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Balochistan have burning ,

stop kill and dump policy in Balochistan | 03.03.2013 01:16 | Dale Farm | Terror War | World

this situation in Balochistan there not have any media coverage every day pakistani military operation pakistani miliitary use gunship helicopter bombardment on baloch civilian population , we want to cover the baloch issue , this which one i send its all kidnapped or a killed people by pakistani secret agency or paksitani military ,

Human Rights Report Month of February 2013

01 Feb 2013 - seven Baloch killed By pakistani military operation in Mongchar Balochistan

01 Feb 2013 - Babul Jattak was abducted on 18th August 2011 by pakistani military ,

01 Feb 2013 we found Babul Jattak dead body From Mastung Balochistan

02 Feb 2013 - Asim Baloch was abducted by pakistani agency from Mand Balochistan

02 Feb 2013 - 2 more mutilated dead Bodes of Baloch activits found on Northern Bypass

02 Feb 2013 - six more Baloch abducted by Pakistani forces from Balochistan. 5 from Pirkoh and 1 from Turbat. Balochistan

02 Feb 2013 One mutilated dead body was found from "KurdGap" Mastung Balochistan, identified as Balaach Baloch S/O Muhammad younas"

03 Feb 2013 - Bullet Riddled dead body of a Baloch found in Breawrry road at Quetta (Balochistan

04 Feb 2013 - Baloch Students from Lahore Punjab Informed that missing person name zaman Marri Baloch dead body is being used in lab for Practical

05 Feb 2013 - 3 Baloch Teacher Abducted in area of Khuzdar Balochistan

06 Feb 2013 - Sardo Bugti was abducted by Pakistan Army on 6 feb from sehrani nala, his bullet riddled body found dumped in Lop area of Dera Bugti

07 Feb 2013 - two dead body's found in area of Karachi , named are Maula Baksh Baloch and Bilal Baloch

07 Feb 2013 - Elahi Baksh s/o Dilmuraad , kidnapped by pakistani agency area passani balochistan ,,

08 Feb 2013 - Today Pakistani forces have abducted three Baloch youths from Mand town of Balochistan. Namely Rauf Baloch, Omar Baloch and Mujahid Baloch

08 Feb 2013 - One More bullet riddledy Body Found dumped area of dera bugti in Balochistan

9th Feb 2013- BSO CC member Ammer-Ul-Malik Younger Brother Manzoor Baloch was Kidnapped in karachi.

11 Feb 2013- The Military Operation in Dera Bugti ( ooch) Kidnapped 2 Baloch Civilians.

13 Feb 2013- Founded the Multilated Dead Body of Noor Buhammad Baloch in Mund Balochistan.

14 Feb 2013 The Pakistani Military Has Bombarded in Kohlu and Turk Koh-e-Bander.

14 Feb 2013- Abdul Haq S/o Abdul Samad Has Been Kidnapped From Utal Zero Point.

14 Feb 2013- 2 Dead Bodies of Amanullah Bugti and Anees Baloch Has Been Founded in Pather Colony Hub Choki.

15 Feb 2013- A Water Tanker Driver Siddique Baloch Has Been Kidnapped in Panjgoor.

15 Feb 2013- 4 Persons Has Been Kidnapped From The Market of Mund.

17 Feb 2013 - brutality of Pakistani army:: Faiz Muhammad Baloch was abducted, tortured & killed and his eyes pop out by pakistan Army.

18 Feb 2013 - Mutilated dead bodies of 2 Baloch Missing Persons [Maqbool S/O NematUla & Akhtar Baloch] has been found from Sarjani Town Cantonment area Karachi

18 Feb 2013 - Shaheed Yaara Bugti and Shaheed Ashraf Bugti, both brothers were abducted by occupying forces of Pakistan during a military offensive in RD 238 area of Sui, Dera Bugti on February 18, 2013. After few hours, they were extra-judicially killed in custody and their bullet-riddled dead bodies were dumped in a desolated place

19 Feb 2013 - Three innocent Baloch killed 6 injured & two abducted by Pakistani Army from during military operation in Kalat & Kharan area of Balochsitan

20 Feb 2013 - pakistan occupying security force raid in Martyr haji jan mohmmed marris house and other balochs homes started search operation

20 Feb 2013 - Tortured Dead body of Shaheed Abdul Haq Mengal Baloch killed by pakistani secret agency

20 Feb 2013 - Pakistani military operation in Sibbi Balochistan dozen are abducted by pakistani military

21 Feb 2013 - Mutilated dead body of" NabiBux Baloch"has been found in Karachi ,who was abductd by Pakistan ISI before 8 months from Pasu Dis"Gwadar Balochistan

22 Feb 2013 - Pakistan Army raided the house of Abdul Ghani Baloch Last night in Basima while killing him on the spot abducted & his brother Pir Jan
Large number of Paki Military troops with tanks and heavy weaponry system arrived in Panjgur.fear of gory operation in the area Balochistan

24 Feb 2013 - pakistan secret agency kidnapped 3 Baloch's in Jewani area of Balochistan.

Abducted People's name ,,

1-Dad Kareem(Baba DK) S/o Rasheed
2-Shafi S/o Sher Mohd
3-Sagheer S/o Dad Kareem.!

24 Feb 2013 - Pakistani forces abducted a resident of Gwadar Mr Pervaiz & Salman Bohair from Sur Cross while he was returning Gwadar from Karachi

25 Feb 2013 - Massive military operation underway in Goranari, Jaffarabad and Pelawagh, Dera Bugti. Two villages completely burnt into ashes Balochistan,

Pakistan military conducting deadly operation in NeGoor and Paroom area of Pamjgur. Balochistan.

PakistanArmy & her death squads sieged pelawagh, DeraBugti & bombarding civilian population of the area from yday.heavy casualties reported

25 Feb 2013 - ‎10 more Baloch abducted by the Pakistani forces from different parts of Balochistan.

26 Feb 2013 - Pakistani forces are conducting a military operation in Panjgur,Balochistan ,many civilian have been abducted and one named as Saeedullah Baloch was martyred , the operation is still continued , more abductions and deaths are expected

26 Feb 2013 - ‎Mashkey Balochitan Naali Pakistani Force F.C abducted Sikander s/o Alam khan r/o Kandadi Balochistan.

26 Feb 2013 - one Dead body found in Hub Chuki Balochistan

27 Feb 2013 - Mutilated body of BNM Leader Master Abdul Rehman Baloch found dumped in Panjgur, He was abducted by Pakistan Military on 24-02-2013

28 Feb 2013 - one people abducted in Wadh Balochistan by pakistani force

28 Feb 2013 - one dead body found in Sibbi Balochistan there named Resho Bugti Balochistan killed by paksitani force

stop kill and dump policy in Balochistan
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