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London calling for anti-capitalist resistance

vast minority | 18.02.2013 20:08 | G8 2013

ANTI-CAPITALISTS in the UK have issued an international call-out for protests against the G8 summit in June 2013. It includes a big day of action in central London on Tuesday June 11, in the run-up to the meeting of neoliberal world leaders.

Stop G8 says on its website at "This June the leaders of the G8 (the world’s richest countries) are meeting in Northern Ireland. As economic crisis bites, and the planet burns, the bosses and their politicians are celebrating business as usual. Capitalism: a system that kills, exploits, and degrades the many for the profit of a few.

"On June 10-18 we are organising a week of action and events in London. London is at the heart of global capitalism. The corporations, banks, hedge funds, and billionaires looting our world have names and addresses. They are in the glass towers of the City, and behind unmarked doors in Mayfair and Knightsbridge.

"London is the money-laundering den of dictators, the playground of the super-rich. But London is our city too. A city of hope, resistance, and struggle.

"Capitalism is killing us. Unemployment, cuts, and the rise of fascism in the “West”. Poverty, colonialism, brutal exploitation in the “Third World”. War and famine for profit. Private prisons, police checks, CCTV to keep us scared and controlled. Life robbed of meaning and beauty, our dreams and our dignity for sale.

"Don’t ignore. Don’t wait. For our friends and loved ones, for our communities, for our planet, for everything they’re trying to take from us. The time is now. Let’s come together, and fight. One common struggle."

The timetable so far is:

June 11: Big day of action in Central London.

June 17-18: G8 Summit, Enniskillen, North of Ireland.

June 10-18: Week of actions, talks, meet-ups, films, games, concerts, and more, all over London and beyond.

The group says that it believes that any mobilisation at the summit in Enniskillen needs to be started locally. "The StopG8 network will support a locally organised mobilisation. For now, we are keeping the end of the week free. Stay posted for more information."

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