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Tree Figures

EarthWorm | 06.02.2013 13:48 | Climate Chaos | Culture | Free Spaces | South Coast

East Sussex County Council announcement of tree figures.

East Sussex County Council have stated that 554..That's Five Hundred and Fifty Four Trees will be lost to the Bexhill Link Road.
It takes 50 to 80 years for an Oak tree to reach maturity.Think on that!
ESCC have said that they will do a 2 to 1 replacement though.So appreciate those oaks at Combe Haven because most of us would see the replacement ones in our lifetime.
Begs the question does Amber Rudd and Peter Jones have grandchildren?..if they do ask them what they think about this landscape rape !?!!

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Error in words!

06.02.2013 13:51

Because most of us Won't see....