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Being For The Benefit of Combe Haven Defenders

Earthworm | 02.02.2013 12:09 | Climate Chaos | Culture | Free Spaces | South Coast

Benefit for the Defenders of Combe yer babysitters NOW!
Friday 8th February 7.30pm

Combe Haven Defenders Benefit Gig.
Friday 8th February 2013 ,7.30pm at The Cowley Club,London Road in Brighton.
Super bands and super folk!With fontliner of the defenders giving update...
£5.00 and £2.50 (concessions) ALL funds raise to go to court costs and sustaining the campaign !

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  1. oops! — ~Editor
  2. How to get to the Cowley club: — Cowley directions
  3. Watch this space! — Earthworm
  4. Job = Money — $$$
  5. Update on Benefit First act Booked! — EarthWorm