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EVF are a bunch of dafties

Chris Renton's Mum | 24.01.2013 10:11 | Anti-racism | Birmingham

The English Volunteer Force, a splinter group from the EDL, are having a demo in Birmingham on Saturday, 2pm, Centenary Square. They were originally going to be there last year but they bottled it to the disgust of their fans. Even the EDL think they're muppets. Antifascists will be out to oppose them.


When EVF organiser, Will Anderson AKA Jason Lock tremblingly admitted to his fans that the Brum demo was off because some nasty coppers had come round to his house, he was met with disgust. Kent EVF's Jimmi Kaprini gave Anderson a bollocking:
"So the old bill turn up at your family home... And imediatly you give in to them ...
"Quote... From yourself... We will not back down from anyone... Police muzzies ira lefties or anyone else....we will go where we like when we like and nothing will stop us... This is the new street movement that will never back down,,, no surrender etc etc
"Police turn up at your house, you shit yourself and give in...."
"Stick your evf... Another edl with spineless leadership"

Sounds like another group of fascist cowards who go around shouting "No Surrender" but bottle it at the first hurdle! This time round the EVF are having a police approved demo and we all know what that means. How long before Will Anderson and Chris Renton are grassing their mates up in a special branch cell?

The EDL think the EVF are hilarious. Kev Carroll called them "MUPPETS" and Ronnie Wood called them "a bunch of kids wearing power ranger suits karate chopping invisible muslims", "a bunch of clueless nobs", "a bunch of kids acting the big man,causing splits down south like a bunch of retards" which is all a bit rich coming from an EDL member. The EVF certainly aren't winning much respect even from other racist cunts.

The EVF may be a joke but they need to be opposed and told to fuck off out of Brum with no uncertainty this weekend. See you on the streets.

Chris Renton's Mum


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