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Attacks in algeria provoke reaction from the G8

anonymous | 20.01.2013 16:43 | G8 2013

Statement from cameron reported in the guardian today says that he will be using the chairmanship of the g8 to 'put the issue at the top of the international agenda' and that he expects the fight against terrorism there to last decades.

And so France's intervention in Mali, originally billed as lasting no more than a few days and consisting of air support only, escalates into a conflict with no end in sight involving all of the g8 states. Of course, the UK and others have to protect the ongoing pillage of africa's natural resources by western corporations. It looks like this could be a major agenda item for the G8 summit, to be held in Northern Ireland in June.

Its only called terrorism when people fight back. I am no supporter of the signers in blood or the tactics they used, but its clear that foreign workers at a gas production facility cannot be called non-combatants or civilians. They are actively engaged in a war against the disenfranchised indigenous populations they are stealing from and the planetary ecosystem they are destroying. Of course these sort of activities are going to make them targets - the armed convoys they travel to work in show that they and their employers are well aware of this.



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