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Santa stops dawn raid !

UNITY | 10.12.2012 09:08

Santa Claus, with the help of some of his elves, has erected an 18 foot tall tripod outside the main entrance of the UKBA offices in Glasgow to prevent immigration officials carrying out controversial dawn raids on the families of asylum seekers.

Santa is currently refusing to come down from the tripod, which is decorated with tinsel and Christmas decorations, until the UKBA can promise that no more children will be terrorised by immigration officials breaking into their homes to arrest them.

After Santa got into position (with a little Christmas magic) two dark blue UKBA enforcement vans containing officials setting out to carry out an immigration enforcement action were prevented from leaving. Other immigration officials have been prevented from entering the offices for work. Protesters believe that the vans were on their way to raid another asylum seeker family.

Santa in his traditional red and white costume and with a big white beard is being supported by a group of elves from the Campaign Grotto based at the Unity Centre. Several police are in attendence and so far the atmosphere is very good humoured. Protesters are playing Christmas carols during the action.

Santa said: "I'm taking this action to stop any more children from being detained by the UKBA like little 4 year old son Shahmer who with his two teenage sisters and mum and dad was arrested in his home last week by the UKBA. I am shocked that children can be locked up in this way when the government pledged they would never do this again."

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10.12.2012 10:52


Santa's helper


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