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On 11th January 2013, All Roads Lead to Guantánamo (11th anniversary action)

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On 11th January 2013, the 11th anniversary of the opening of the illegal prison camp at Guantánamo, "All Roads Lead to Guantánamo": a day of action organised by the London Guantánamo Campaign
Get involved: in person and online. Obama hasn't closed Guantánamo: 166 prisoners remain. Take action!

on Friday 11th January 2013
All Roads Lead to Guantánamo Bay

The world has too long turned a blind eye and connived in the illegal practices associated with it. Around 160 prisoners remain there.

The London Guantánamo Campaigns invite you to join us as we mark this 11th anniversary with a mystery tour across the capital, recounting the journey of 11 PRISONERS, visiting the embassies of the countries involved in torture flights and extraordinary rendition and leading up to a candlelight vigil outside the US Embassy at 6pm


Please feel welcome to visit our Facebook page: All Roads Lead To Guantanamo, or follow us on Twitter @allroadsleadG11!/2012/11/all-roads-lead-to-guantanamo-bayon-11th.html

More information on the daytime "tours":!/2012/11/your-invitation-to-join-us-to-mark-11.html

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