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Gaza Solidarity Demonstration - Stop the Israeli attack on Gaza

Global Intifada | 16.11.2012 11:04 | Smash EDO | Anti-militarism | Palestine

12 noon - Saturday 17th November 2012 - Victoria Gardens

This demonstration is in response to the renewed Israeli air strikes on the Gaza strip which have already claimed the lives of at least nineteen Palestinians since Wednesday night, 6 of them children including a seven year old girl and an 11 month old baby. The bombing looks set to escalate with Israel calling up reservists and deploying the navy.

Gaza has been under siege by the Israeli military since 2006 and is subjected to regular attacks by the Israeli military. In January 2009 the last full scale attack resulted in the deaths of over 1400 people including over 350 children, schools hospitals and aid depots were all targeted.

Gaza has been under a long-term constant assault by the Israeli military. Since the 1st January 2012 to the 6th November 71 Palestinians have been killed by the Israeli military in Gaza, despitE no Israelis being killed during the same period. Gaza's economy is crippled by the Israeli siege and basic infrastructure is in a state of disrepair.

“As the last seven years of the global BDS movement and the long history of past international solidarity with the struggle against apartheid in South Africa have shown, the most effective, sustainable and morally consistent form of solidarity with the oppressed is for international civil society and conscientious people around the world to apply boycotts, divestment and sanctions against the oppressor and all institutions that collude in maintaining and justifying its oppression. It is high time for BDS against Israel.” - Palestinian Boycott National Committee - 15th November 2012

Join us!

Global Intifada


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You are rejected.

16.11.2012 14:10

"As usual the supporters of Palestine condemn the attacks against Gaza but don't condemn the attack from Gaza into Israel. Hundreds of rockets have been launched into Israel with the purpose of killing, maiming and terrorizing innocent men, women and children. If these activists are so opposed to violence and war then why don't they condemn the violence of the rocket attacks?"

No Hasbara here.

The rocket attacks are the work of the Israeli state. You forget (as you always do) that Israel has been carrying out targeted assassinations, proscription of Hamas around the world, killings of Palestinans in bombings of residential property in Gaza, forced and violent settlement of Palestininian land along with general racist hatred directed at Muslims not only in Gaza, but the West Bank, Golan heights and beyond. These things are studiously ignored by Zionist sympathisers in the BBC and Israeli media.

You forget too (as you always do) the sheer weight and number of the breached and ignored UN resolutions which have come out of the UN regularly since 1948, the date when the Zionist Nazi's originally began their ethnic rampage.

You forget too (as you always do) the dozens and dozens of peace agreements which the Plaestinians has sought and won, only to be broken by the Zionist Nazi's. The bid for Palestine to be declared a separate state is always blocked by Israel and the United States. When this happens, the Zionist sympathisers in the BBC and Israeli media again studiously ignore these acts.

It is clear that the Israeli Zionists are not the timid and innocent victims of violence, but the fanglike animal that skulks in the shadows prodding others into doing its evil work on its behalf. No reasonable person could every be fooled by the propaganda of the Israeli state, or the propaganda division of the BBC news organisation. We are not fools and it is a sad thing to see adult and professional people so convinced that we are.

You are a racist and we reject you and your cult. You have nothing to offer the world that the world hasn't already rejected.

Now go away and skulk back under the rock you live under. Humanity does not like you being out in the open. You are an unpleasant site to behold.

You are ugly and godless.

Zionist Nazi Hasbara.

Two-sided argument

16.11.2012 14:26

The two-sided conflict argument portrayed in the mainstream media is as misleading as any other.

Two protagonists Israel and Hamas with a comparable capability for “killing, maiming and terrorizing innocent men, women and children”. Of course Israel as a “state” cannot be expected to tolerate rocket attacks on its “territory” and so its “retaliation” is more legitimate than that of the Palestinian resistance in a besieged enclave, already decimated by the Cast Lead campaign of four years ago.

Another way of looking at it – this is a further tactic of the Israeli siege, which has included mass bombardment of civilian areas, including targeting civilian infrastructure, restricting the supply of essentials (medicines and fuel for instance), fixing a ‘calorie limit’ judged appropriate to a Gazan citizen’s survival, and assassinating and imprisoning citizens when it pleases

To my knowledge, Hamas has not been able to mount a siege of Israel in this way.

more typical

Monster and raving loonies.

16.11.2012 14:28

Israel is clearly a menace.

Is it strictly neccessary for it to start murdering people everytime and election is due because the Israeli PM is a loonie?

Just goes to show, Zionists really are a blot on the face of humanity.

Netanyahu is the Tony Blair of the Middle east.

Biblical Netanyahu, (just call me Tony)

Israel shall have, what we want.

16.11.2012 14:46

"Two protagonists Israel and Hamas with a comparable capability for “killing, maiming and terrorizing innocent men, women and children”. Of course Israel as a “state” cannot be expected to tolerate rocket attacks on its “territory” and so its “retaliation” is more legitimate than that of the Palestinian resistance in a besieged enclave, already decimated by the Cast Lead campaign of four years ago."

Israel cannot expect to start slaughtering people just because it has pushed the people of Gaza into a situation in which they have no choice but to defend themselves.

As ever, it is the things we don't see which are the reason for the things we do see.

Judging by the comments on newspaper websites, TV and MSM, it does appear that the world is filled with extreme right wing fanatics and that the world is overwhelmingly hostile to the Palestinians and something close to a state of fawning adoration for the Israeli's. But EVERY SINGLE PERSON I talk to (I'm in London) in person and on the phone and email is saying the exact opposite. We have a REALLY REALLY serious problem with our media not being able to represent the views of the people.

This website has also been subject to this campaign of propaganda very obviously coming from Israel and its mindless supporters. Always the same thing...lets slaughter Hamas and lets do it because we can. There is no morality here, because the people who spread the propaganda have no morality to impart. The people of Gaza are oppressed, and it is the military dictatorship in Israel that is doing the oppressing.

This situation is not one of equality, it is one of forced dominance. It is not one of fairness, it is one of violent extremism. It is not one of consensus, it is one of extremist bias.

This is the way it is with apartheid. This is what we must expect.

We should not tolerate it any further because to do so undermines international law and encourages other nations around the world to tolerate fanatical extremism...the same extremism that then goes on to give us the sight of slaughtered human beings littering the landscape, women raped and butchered, children massacred, leaders assassinated, thousands displaced and evicted from their lands and home.

In the U.K, we have to grow up and we have to start realising that we have the power to switch Israel's luck on and off at will. The Americans have that power too. Israel is a weak nation with terrible economic problems. It cannot enact its foreign policy properly because it doesn't have one and is severely isloted in its region. It cannot defend itself.

We must now recognise that Israel must understand and move convincingly toward a state of peace...this must now be forced on them. Whether they like it or not.

We have the power to do that...and the moral responsibilty to do that.

Global citizen.