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Natures Menu

Boycott Dogs4us | 12.11.2012 19:58 | Animal Liberation | Health | Cambridge | World

On going campaign against puppy warehouse suppliers Dogs4us Called by Boycott Dogs4us campaign

Natures Menu
Natures Menu

After a successful protest last week at Dogs4Us Leeds and one yesterday in Manchester we embarked a phone action against a key Dogs4Us supplier – Natures Menu. We started this phone block on the 12th November and intend to keep calling them until they stop supplying Dogs4Us.

Natures Menu were unwilling to discuss the matter referring only to a pre-pared statement. They have stated that they are taking a “positive approach” to this matter, they did not clarify what they meant by this, but we can confirm that we are also taking a “positive approach” to ensure that Natures Menu cut their ties with Dogs4Us and to also ensure that Dosg4Us is closed down.

We have a number of actions planned for the upcoming weeks against Natures Menu and other suppliers of Dogs4Us; these will be revealed closer to the time. Until then, keep phoning Natures Menu on their free phone number and keep informing others of the disgusting conditions that Dogs4Us obtain the puppies that they sell from.

Please Join us for DAY 2 Of our actions against natures menu:

Freephone Natures Menu on: 08000183770.

Join us in the email and phone block of Dogs4us supplier Natures Menu

We will be keeping up this campaign every day till natures menu drop their support for dogs4us

Boycott Dogs4us
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- Homepage:


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