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The Greek crisis is a CIA operation to force regime change on Greece

Anarchist | 08.11.2012 18:44

People who support the recent uprising in Greece have been conned because the uprising is being co-ordinated by the CIA in order to force regime change in Greece and oust the democratically elected government there. The CIA have been planning regime change in Greece for years.

The strikes and riots in the Greek capital of Athens are being co-ordinated by the CIA from the American embassy in the city. People need to spread the word that it is the CIA which is trying to destablise the Greek government so that America can install a new regime.



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Not an anarchist

08.11.2012 18:55

You claim to be an anarchist, yet are supporting a 'democratically elected parliament'?

This is conspiracist bullshit! Back to cloud coo-coo land.

Another anarchist